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08 August 2016


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Elaine Dudzinski

Wow. I just loved this review. Quite honest and no sugar coating it. I hope Fuji reads this review and improves their TTL flash abilities to one day crush Nikon. Fuji is such an awesome company. They just keep getting better and better. This is the most honest review I've read thus far. Shows constructive criticism, which will help Fuji trounce the competition. I was on the fence having used both Sony & Fuji. I loved some of Sony's features, but always cringed at the colors coming out of those cameras. I love the link to Zack's video about FF vs APS-C, because it's so true too. At this point the only thing we are doing is spending more money and buying more computers to accommodate the larger files that we really do not need. Most professional applications can shine with APS-C sized Fuji files. Very rare few need a bigger file than that. Most people are lying to themselves. Fuji is killing it at weddings these days too. I see so many wonderful wedding photographers using Fuji. I agree that TTL is something that desperately needs to be addressed by Fuji. I know they can deliver the goods though.I hope they also improve video.If they did that, there'd be no stopping Fuji. As it stands, they are above the rest due to listening to the pros who use them. Fuji is a joy to use as well. The fun is back in photography for me, and it's nice to know so many professionals such as yourself really use these lovely cameras on a daily basis to make a living. It's also nice to read an actual pro review and not some bullshit blogger review. Your review is validating & informed; whereas a bullshit blogger is clueless to the application of such equipment in a pro situation. I love how Fuji invests in the pro user too. You nailed it again with another great article, Chris! Congrats!

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