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14 January 2016


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Just wondering is there an adjustable diopter? This was missing on the xpro1


Images look great! Awesome work!

C Weeks

@tas: i have no idea. @eben: thanks, man!


So good to see this site come up again on my feed reader, Chris.
Been content with following your work on tumblr and 'gram, but so glad to read your words and thoughts. They'e been thoroughly missed.
Thanks for the insight on the new gear - and for the great pictures.
I'm all stocked up on equipment for now, so it's on to shooting as much as possible during these rainy CA days.
Oh, and happy new year. Good light and energy your way.


Love this. Love the pics. The greedy reader in me wants more. :)

kit laughlin

Yes, adjustable diopter


Was that at the gas station in Agoura? (judging from the Jack in the Box sign)...I work down the street! The X-Pro2 looks great...maybe for my budget when the X-Pro3 comes out- ;-)

Thank God you're's been a long time. Your Tumblr has been moribund. Chris, you rock and I have followed you since DA and the first time I ever read 'Street Photography for The Purist"many years ago now. Thanks for the review, it helps me consider future digital options in non DSLR body types.

It's 'cos of your work and writings that I launched my own film work based website showing street and candids from Bangkok Thailand. Yesterday I also published 'The Ultimate Photographer's Guide to Bangkok, Thailand Film and Digital 2016' on my blog there too. Worked with Blind kids here for a year and documented it with a Leica M on film also, it's all here, I'm not that good and a sensitive soul so go easy on me!

Much good karma and happiness for you in 2016 Chris!


You're the reason I finally hit the "buy" button for my little Fuji X-T10 and that 35mm WR F/2 lens. I think I am ready to come back to Fuji again. I am very excited and love all these shots you took. I can't wait to experiment.

David Carson

So nice to see an actual photographer review this camera! Thanks. I'd like a digital Leica so I could use my Lecia lenses but f*ck I'd have to sell then lenses to buy the body. Then I'd be so poor I could only afford a pinhole body cap for my $7k body hahahahah!

David Carson

And to echo the above comment, it's nice to see you back!

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