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09 March 2014


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That's a really great look, late 80's early 90's. The lunch room and following shots remind me of some 90's documentaries. The night shots remind me of 'DRIVE'.

Richard Man

Chris, where do you get your Cinestill developed?

C Weeks

@matt: dude, they remind me of "drive," too! @richard: i use indy film lab in alabama! they're amazing.

Carlo Silvestri

Cool... Tungsten in daylight without filter still has its own reason to exist, though (you just need to like blue).

BTW, have you seen these videos:

From the Winogrand video: "people ask me if I take good photos, I don't know I have yet to see them". Yeah, I still answer this since I am most often than not still using film! ;)


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