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19 February 2014


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Could I ask a favour? I cant get out to try the camera and need to know the weight of the battery grip as I'm trying to work out if I can manage the weight of the camera & battery grip with my disabilities.

Many thanks



Great review, Chris. I also laughed when I heard the statement that Mirrorless will replace the D-SLR! Idiots. D-SLRs do everything brilliantly. The only con is their size, Anyway, loved your views on the new Fuji, and I am still on the fence about another Fuji. I actually like my little Sony NEX still, though the kit lens is soft. Great for peaking with other lenses.

I am happy to hear that Fuji got it so right. If I were in the market, it would be this camera, or the new Fuji X Pro 2, if they ever bring that out. I love the Fuji lens line-up so much more than the Sony. I love that they have tilt screen now. It come in handy.

I love blogs and blogging though. I love reading your blog and Severin's. I know what you mean about wasting time on them, but I still love reading blogs from different people. LOL! I never took a picture of a hose though. Thank Goddess for that!

C Weeks

Hey D! I just weighed the body/grip combination and it comes out at 671 grams. That's without a lens, of course. Hope that helps!

Patrick Downs

Love the review, and you're hilarious too! --> "Reminds me of the (out-of-focus areas) unscharfen bereichen I get from one-four Nikon glass. I just can't bring myself to use the word bokeh. It gives me the same reaction as some girls I know when they hear the word moist."

Carlo Silvestri

Good that you like the XT1, the viewfinder is actually awe-tastic. In the end, between it and XE2 I got the latter, I prefer the rangefinderish format, no nose squeezing against the camera, please (I find it more natural ;) ).

Actually looking forward to the new Documenting the human condition, I hope it will be in the spirit of the old DA pdf, and not in the spirit of the Documenting the M9 bullshit vimeo thing.
Dude, have Jackson talk about using an XPan for street (you had those pics in the video anyway, but I guess that everybody was too busy sucking up to the Solms guys that gave you a preproduction unit to be able to also have the XPan there: sorry to sound a mouthful, but that's the impression that video series gave me).

Really looking forward to it, no sarcasm. I started enjoying photography thanks to you and Sev, and actually the DA pdf was (is) quite cool.


Long time between drinks. Guess that happens when you're busy.
Any chance of getting some comments on the setting you're using for the nikons and x-t1 when shooting street?
Thanks for the update. Nice to know you're still alive.


Settings or even your setup files (*fingers crossed)......!


Hey cweeks: I for one am glad you decided to go ahead and break radio silence after 2 years. I've always been an admirer of your work and the glimpse into the bizarro world you call home.

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