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22 October 2012


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rufus mangrove

Nice one Chris and I'm glad you came out and said it. I had an M8 shutter fail on me while working. Unacceptable and the price quote by Leica to fix it was even more unacceptable. I dropped the Kool Aid right then but still have kept my film M. In my mind, Leica and electronics don't mix. Perhaps they can come up with a digital rangefinder without electronics . . . Bravo Fuji. I'm using an X100 now.

Oscar Stahle

Chris, I have always been a fan of ours and I have watched your "What's in the bag" and "Documenting the Human Condition" videos over and over again.Excellent !! I must say that I am very surprised that you have ditched your M9. You held in in such high regard in the videos and praised the fact that it had a full frame sensor so that it would go stright in to your normal "workfow" with your Canons.I have a M9 (and has never had the slightest problem with it) but have also tested the APS-C sensor Fuji X-Pro1. To be honest it it almost like a "toy camera" in its build and it did not appeal to me at all. Anyway all the best from Sweden!!

Pop Eye

Thanks for the honest write-up. I've tried the M8/M8.2 on too many occasions and have never been able to find the superior image quality claimed by Leica fanboys (and I used a film M for many many years). It's like the high end stereo fans who claim golden ears.

I'm glad you confirmed my hunch that the M9's ISO practical limit of 800. Some of the review websites (some you pointed out) claimed that the M9 had gained an extra stop, but my own eyes told me there was no real change from the M8.

A while ago, Michael Kamber wrote a scathing review of the M8; you wrote about your M9 experiences. Both are honest, from working professionals, not fanboys or web commission salesmen who need internet traffic to pay for their lifestyles. I was considering the M9, but after reading this I'm even more convinced that the XPro1/XE1 will do just fine.

BTW, if anyone doubts it, Huff is the biggest shill--he panned the Fuji X100 before it even came out, proclaiming that the Leica X1 was better (without actually using the camera)--because he was pushing Leica big time at that point and surely deriving good money on linked sales. That blog posting quickly disappeared when it became apparent that the X100 was a runaway success and he started pushing it over the Leica--talk about an internet whore. Anyone who dares call Huff on his crap is called a "hater" by his fans.


Chris, I read your street manifesto years ago, so thanks for that. I don't check in often, but it's interesting that we both moved from Leica to Fuji X-Pro, in between check-ins.

Keep up your work, people like yourself are in the mix of those who have inspired me. I'm now travelling the world, shooting as I go, forever.

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