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31 January 2012


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christian rollinson

samurai swords, hah, laughed out loud at that :D


workshop-holders blowing up their brand to have more street-cred (pardon the pun) is one thing, but good teachers dont need to be working masters in what they teach - they have to be good at teaching. otherwise the whole educational system would have not worked for the last several centuries. and those attending workshops are most often at the beginning of the learning curve anyway..

Ivan Jurado

Fuck, Chris. It's good to read your words again. Bet that felt good. Thanks for the tumblr account (I follow you there), but your prose is what helps tie the images together. Only a handful of others have been able to do it well.
Even if you don't publish these comments, I wanted to let you know that what you do is unique from what these blind item guys do. Not review gear or espouse a brand (although I did open myself up to rangefinders thanks to you years back), but to tell a story. Thanks for the stories and for the kinship (although we haven't met in person). Don't let these dudes frustrate you. Make frames. Tie them together in the way that only you can.

Thanks again, Chris. Good vibes your way from a few miles south in San Diego.

Richard Man

Chris, please continue to write. A year is far too long!

Yes, you are are brash but you know that. You write good shit. Keep it up.

Mark Taylor

And breathe.
Don't ever stop writing and making frames Chris.
The world will be a poorer place if you do.

Tyson Call

The sad thing is that you only covered half of what is annoying about the current state of the Internet "photography" community. I put the word in quotes since everyone knows that photos are the last thing on the mind of the individuals mentioned in this post.

I recently left an honest comment on one of these blogs--not rude--but avoiding joining the circle jerk, and it was promptly deleted by the author/moderator/gear diva.

I would love to shoot with you sometime, but there isn't a chance I will give you a fucking dime for the pleasure.

Keep being honest, there are others who support it.


LoL, damn chris, that was some funny shit
glad to see you writing again and i've been enjoying following your tumblr :)


Very accurate and funny description...

rufus mangrove

All I can say Chris is that I love you. You are one of only a handful of sane voices in this genre called "street" (the rest were in your documentary on the human condition).


Would you PLEASE post this on DA because HELLO. Your words apply to almost every medium of art.


Miss reading your journals...

Josef Tornick

hey, i like reading your stuff, but you sure seem like an angry guy! what's up with that?

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