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04 February 2011


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L Woods

Great entry, thanks for the photos and your filter choices. Love Silver Efex and looking forward to the update.


Love the film looks. I miss Neopan 1600. Great stuff!

Sonny Thakur

I sometimes do the same with alienskin
I could spend days checking out old files


One of the best reviews - rants i've ever read about a piece of software,
Cracking pictures and a enjoyable read.


After a long shoot and I have a friggen stack of CF cards to process, I am glad wire standards allow working photographers to just work while bloggers f' around with digital workflow. There's not enough time in the day to deal with countless filters...


Yeah, I've been looking at the silver efex and it looks okay and all... But still, I rather stay away from doing monochrome on digital, and develop my own tri-xs, hp5s, tmaxs and so on. So you do your own prints as well? I've just started doing A2 prints on an old epson stylus 4000 pro, and using non-standard colours makes calibration a bitch.


Inspirational. I've been meaning to review my old images with the new tools.


Wow, the austronaut girl had a blue wig! Have to be honest at one point I stopped reading the vitriolic wit and was just looking at the photos.

Richard Man

Chris, Ad Astra. May be one day we will all be able to fly into space!

// richard

Sandro Mazzucato

Nice photos, really like the "One" refracted in the glasses...


Love reading your blog entries. Always an interesting read. Stayed off my arse this w/e and shot some rolls, inspired, nit to read so much on the. Except for your entries!! I love reading them at work! See ya, goint to shoot now! Cheers

Richard P

Chris, it's pretty warm here in Australia, so much so we like to cool down by setting fires alight in densely wooded areas near our major cities, attracting attention of the global media. Unfortunately this little place called "Egypt" has taken our southern summer attention seeking practices and turned them on their head. I think you're being unfair in criticising those who take photos of brick walls. Recent studies have shown that the increase in photography of brick wall has led to up to 9% less* wall collapses in the continental United States. They have also given me ideas for brick wall colour schemes I otherwise wouldn't have indulged in. If that isn't public service, I don't know what is.


You know what... Although I have nowhere near the amount of old slide/negs that you do, I can totally appreciate the effort to convert it all! All mine is stuffed away in a big storage box!

I've briefly had a play with silver efex 1 and have to say, it's quiet refreshing being able to select types of films and apply contrast filters just like when I used to shoot film! But to be honest I really do miss the effort put in in the dark room only to comeout and admire your finished, hard, physical print ready to be mounted!!! I say this but I honestly can't remember the last time I made a print of my personal work, it just seems to sit amongst billions of 0's and 1's! Maybe I need to start printing :)

Anyways thanks for the long but interesting rant/blog post :)


Chris, any tips on where I could pick up a 35 summicron-m for under a grand?



Yeah I dunno why people seem to have this massive NEED to shoot one or the other, I have a fridge full of film and a case full of Sandisk CF cards, why cant they exist together. Although I rarely load up the Portra 160 anymore I have to say as the color film workflow is just a little messy for me when shooting small amounts. But I've shot one or two events on film that the ability to have a stack of 5x7 proofs for the client to look through worked out very well.

Live and let live in my opinion, both can coexist.


I sure could use some Silver Effex Pro 2 on my wall and flower photos.

Chris Pavek

I have a hang-up with post-processing. I really do like how you're able to make you images pop, but at what point do you have to add 'digitally processed' when describing a photo? I guess I'm just afraid I'd use software as a crutch instead of learning how to get the best possible photo out of my camera. Do you play with any photo that's not 'wire service?' How often are you satisfied with what your camera gets?


Pedro Cardigo

I've been using silverefex 1 for all my b&w work, just like you I can't stand regular digital b&w. This second version looks even better, I should get it soon! Thanks for the great post! Take care!

David E

Just test out the Silver Efx Pro demo... indeed some good shit!

rufus mangrove

hey chris - - have you tried exposure? i've found it easier to use than silver fx, but then again I'm an idiot with these things . . . more shots of the girl with the blue hair. love her. love her LOTS. peace- rufus

matt jan

How many Tb you up to now?

Are you running NIK through Aperture? Any other software recommendations?

Also, do you ever shoot tethered? Thoughts on it?


Blasko Szabolcs aka dtbsz

When will you be giving away a Leica M Noctilux 50mm/f1.0 + Leica M9 combo, cuz' I'm not a dentist and I live in a 3'rd world country :D :P

...why is silver efex' better than lightroom again?

PS: Don't ever change ;)


Pretty cool! I like the first/last shot of Spacegirl.

I saw you in Hollywood once with your rangefinder. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me...


Interesting comments on silver efex. you've made me want to buy it.

And, viz your comments on photos of walls etc: my advice, for what it's worth, if you don't like something why waste your time looking at it? It's a free country, live and let live, and all that...


Bård Nor

Great piece as usual! Send me and copy of Niks and if possible, have it signed by Seal ;-)

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