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04 February 2011


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Great photos...... but come on "film look" ???? all that just sucks.. 4mp like canon 1d is what it is period :) If you had made these shots on film even if in 1970 or earlier with almost any good camera today you could get like 20MP file with great tonal range....
And today with cameras like 1ds D3x or m9 or 5dmk2 there's no need for film look 'cause digital looks good... look of 21 century.
Just my opinion shoot real film

C Weeks

@Tiit: thanks, man! it would be interesting to just "blog" but ... since i actually do something i love ... well ... i'm stoked! do wish i could blog more often!

the archiving is almost complete ... now waiting for a drive to be recovered by a data recovery firm... at least i won't have to ingest it when it returns.

hope the snow subsides soon!

C Weeks

@Lee Gillen: i like it when you guys see "the big picture" is kind of woven together with little fibres!

C Weeks

@Andreas: so ... you shoot film but don't make prints? frank and i have been talking about this issue nonstop. we both think it's very important to put that print in your hands and feel it.

it's so much different than seeing something on a screen!

honestly, download this trial ... apply some filters to your photos and print something...

cheers back!

C Weeks

@JayG: there's a special aesthetic for looking at a wet process contact sheet, too. marking on it with a sharpie or wax pencil as well.

digital is so "good enough" that i'm not sure digital vs. film is relevant. they're so different.

i like both, too, and not only am i gonna be going by the lab today to see some proof prints (from digital) and drop off a few rolls!


If I ever like a digital B&W photo enough to print it I always run it through Silver Efex. For posting to the web it can make a nice change, but when you're really printing big the details just look so much nicer.


Love seeing your updates. Always makes my day.
No really, I check in on you and Sev way more frequently that either of you are able to post and it's like the best thing to see something new from either of you.

Now, that said, as much as I appreciate hearing about the latest and greatest B&W conversion software and all that I have to say that my heart breaks not to be seeing the ol'Delta scans. What are you doing with the old MP?

Forever in my mind I will see the old blog posts. I think I started following you with the "Anon free" titled blog entry back in the dA days.
I miss the film scans.
When I think of L.A. I think of how you captured the light and the moments on Delta 400.
Bring it back. Your lab needs you! :)

C Weeks

@Richard: i can only imagine why they block them. ;)

what really made me think was seeing a ... some work a friend had ... the first 9 images or so were film scans ... and then there was this abrupt visual change ... for me it really made me re-examine digital monochrome. there was this sharp quality that wasn't hdr but very close to it for me. in fact, i think the guy sharpened it but whatever.

digital monochrome and my feeling about it changed from that day forward.

needless to say ... i'd keep on using silver efex pro 1 if that's all they offered.


As always, an entertaining read. I even found myself agreeing with you some of the time! Maybe I'm getting more agreeable or maybe you're mellowing a little. The Silver Effects looks as if it could be a worthwhile investment, but even better to get for free. Of course.

Seamus T

Interesting to see a re-dux of old photos. The Evolution of cameras in such a short space of time. What will the next 6 years bring.


Love seeing this little bit of your work flow. I use Silver Efex Pro 1, and I am liking what I see from this second resurection

C Weeks

@Aaron Shapiro: thanks, man!

C Weeks

@Lennart: wasn't really trying to sell it ... i just really love using it ...

honestly, i like doing personal and things-other-than-wires ... much more!

cheers back from cali!

C Weeks

@Blake R: the craft was pretty damn small, actually. i wouldn't strap myself into that thing, though. no way.

first or last ... doesn't really matter. it'll be very random. :)

C Weeks

@deezee: you're welcome for the nudge. the plug-in looks identical between aperture and photoshop. i dunno about lightroom, though. i don't use it.

let me know how it works out for you!

C Weeks

ben krebs: ya' know ... i found silver efex pro 1 the day before doing final output on a wedding. it melded so damn well with the film we shot!

i hate it when there's a stark difference. in fact, if one shoots both for whatever project i think it should be mandatory to use sfxp2. ;)

hey ... at least you learned something about color efex pro!!!! i think the film emulation it does is quite nice, actually. perhaps not as good as the monochrome plug-in but very nice indeed!

C Weeks

@konax: i think perhaps you are right. it's totally worth it to come out of lurker-mode for the chance of getting a rad piece of software! i'll bet the odds end up being about 50:1. not bad, though.


Did you switch from the 30" Cinema to that 24" NEC? Or is it "in addition to"?

I´m planning to get a new monitor (30") which would you go with, the Cinema or the NEC?

PS. I managed to read this post in one go... usually I have to do it in several takes due to time constraints.

Vitor Silva

Wow, that's an hell of a post. old photos, new software.

Dan P

"That's seriously more what it looked like than what the "old cameras" saw."

That is what I strive for in my images. And I really like the frame that was referring to. Also the frame with the guy reflected in the other guy's sunglasses is pretty sweet. Also, even with the self portrait I can't read what's on your shirt. ;)


In 5 years you'll be looking at your current photos and will be thinking how small are these files!

Did you try Alien Skin Exposure 3? I think it does a decent job too.

PS: I'd really like to get that serial number ;)


silver efex actually looks pretty sweet. seems like they have a lot of cool presets for different film aesthetics. pretty crazy seeing these files from way back... makes me wonder what kinda photos we'll be taking in ten years. pretty exciting!!

i love the "space girl" with you and mario! ;) the desert seems like a pretty surreal place... the space ships looked sick though!!

Richard Polom

Ahhh Finally I got a chance to see! Nice entry Chris! Silver Efex 2 looks really cool! I'm a new fan of silver spandex also ;)

Account Deleted

i want one! :)


45... from Naples! :P Silverefex is the bitch!!! ;)

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