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04 February 2011


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Hmm... the presets look much better than in the previous version (assuming you haven't played much with the settings). I would love to see some shots from the M9 with Nik filters! :)

Account Deleted

Chris, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and tricks!

Hulk the Hogan

Color Efex Pro is the sh*t.

But who's the dentist? Confused...

James E. Plew

I am using Silver Efex2 on a trial basis and I really like it. Why did you not include Antigue Solarization
as in Silver Efex 1? Thank you.


Ahhh the compromising effect of self- promoted celebrity.

Randy Anderson

I've been peeking at your blog for about a year now and must say, it's turned into a guilty pleasure. "Guilty" because sometimes your such a dick and I think it's hilarius. I guess that falls under the heading of telling it like it is, I wish I could do that to people more often than I do, but I need to be nice to the art neglectors in order to make a living. Love the stuff about the NIK plug-ins, haven't gotten the upgrade yet but it's a sure thing. Keep it up so I can cheer you on.


You're blogging again! Yes!


loved the always. even lol'ed a few times there. for real.

Fong Long

Space, Here We Come!
Chris will be there ... with his cameras!

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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