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04 February 2011


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shashank uchil

No time to read at work...but will add a random comment. 5 Degrees C here in Frankfurt!!!

Igor Novakovic

If anything this is an enjoyable read just to read your diatribes on the couch potato bloggers. I can't wait to try on Silver Efex Pro 2. Apart from basic Lightroom adjustments I seldom use other filters but Silver Efex is just right.


mmmh. looks even better than SilverEfex 1...


Thanks Chris. That was a very interesting read. I especially like the Porta Vc plug in. And the one person using a Nilla wafers box to block the sun.


Lovely work as usual, Chris. I don't know much about, well, anything, but this Nik's software - both silver and colour - seems to be working nicely.

Talking about couch-bloggers - I kind of wish you were one. That would mean that I, among many others, would see a lot more of your beautiful work.

Hope you finish transferring your data from your CD's/DVD's with ease. I've done that myself and it's a bitch. I'm sure you'll agree.

Hope everything's fine and I'll be looking forward to your next entry.

Cheers from someplace cold and extremely snowy!

Lee Gillen

Man of your photos are more than "one liners". I like that there is the main story of in the photo and then lots of little details that keeps me looking at it and looking for more.


Cant say I really like the transformation of digital images to film-like ones through software... but then again I'm not a pro so I dont have any restrictions. I can choose to make the photos with the medium that I like at that point in time.

Above all, what matters is at the end of your poster... it is the print that makes all the world in photography. I am used to watching the photos in computer monitors, however I can only remember what enthused me in photography when I hold a print on my hands or see it framed. It's somehow... alive.



Hmm Im still dubious that digital has caught up to the tonality of film in B&W, very very very close, but I still just cant get over looking at a strip of APX100 or a Velvia 50 slide, I love digital for its own reasons but film will always have a place in my heart I think.


Damn work blocks pictures from image hosting sites... I’ll have to wait until tonight! I tried Silver Efex 1 and loved the film/grain choices... it almost made me feel like I could get into digital bw :) I can only image with the new version!

Aaron Shapiro

They look great Chris, and as always your wit makes the read twice as interesting.


You really sold Silver Efex Pro 2 with this post! Thanks for sharing all those screen shots, it's always nice to get a glimpse of your non-wire workflow... ;]
Cheers from Berlin

Blake R

Funny... they have all the money to send us to space, but have a port hole for the door. Hopefully me being the first commenter helps my chances...


I so want to give Silver Efex a try. I haven't fully figured out digital b&w. Instead, I just start longing for film (which of course I still reach for.) But I love Aperture and how you speak of using Silver Efex with it. thanks for the nudge........

ben krebs

very nice - i've been using silver efex since shortly after it came out, absolutely love it, especially come wedding season - much more efficient, and more personal - feels more like working in a darkroom (as much as a keayboard and mouse can aid) than puttering endlessly in PS to get the same tonal structure as hp5+ pushed to iso800 developed with warmtone...

it might be a hot mess, but at least my digital monos blens in with my film library now.

i'd stopped using color efex, any time i needed to go above and beyond basic adjustments i just went in to PS - i had no idea the film effects had color film emulation - thats what i get for not tinkering enough with the plugin.


This is going to be your most commented post ever.
Great photos though !


enjoyed the read
I so want to visit the space port...

best wishes

Account Deleted

Great work as always Chris! I remember the days before these Niks plugins existed. I think I tried every possible way to make black and white more film-like but was never satisfied with the results. Here's an example of what I was trying to achieve:
That is T-Max 400, and I just love the look. I don't have the new Silver Efex but the old one has served me well! It is truly an amazing tool.

Keep the great photos coming!

Dan Entwistle

Damn Chris....a whole post without a single 'Fuck' i'm proud of you, mate :-D Also, I've been loving Silver Efex 1 for ages. Looking forward to seeing what the main differences are between 1 & 2.

Serhat Kavas

Hey Chris,

I've been using Silver Efex for a couple of months and I can say that, it is far beyond superior than the other filters/actions that I used before. Real magic, I wish I could use it on my old files from past.

Haha! Mr. Huff ftw! I guess he's a real phenomenon. I really can't get why Leica and the other manufacturers send some top gears to a guy who shoots not better than a newbie with an iphone. They wanna see how their gear can show walls or flowers? You have to deserve such opportunity, not writing blabla everyday and make free advertisement for those trademarks?! Maybe that's what Red-dot and japs like. I dunno, just don't fit in my mind.

Btw, I saw in Sev's Blog that "Street is serious" coming up. Is it gonna be like Human Condition thing?


christian rollinson

hah hah, look at the grin on that last shot :D
gotta love that tri-x plugin, enjoyable read as ever thanks chris.

C Weeks

@shashank uchil: good on you not wasting time at work! your employer must love you!

Joel Hohner

Great shots, man!

C Weeks

@Igor Novakovic: i'm sure those real world bloggers won't like it much, though. that's the thing about silver efex pro 2 ... it's just right. it's not too much ... and it's more than just a little. i love it. hope you do as well.

C Weeks

@simon: I liked 1 a lot ... this one, though, i really like!

C Weeks

@Nestor: you're welcome! i like the portra filters in color efex pro 3, too. out there that morning i think people used about anything the could find to shade their eyes!

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