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16 December 2010


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win soegondo

wonderful photos journey, very like the way you tell the stories combine with the pictures, really great work!....:)


managing big libraries are fun!

less fun than making pictures though.

thanks for the post as always - I'd be one of the first people to say that yes, you CAN shoot GOOD street with an slr. as you have done.

but the m6 comes with me today, hehe:)


Matt Jan

Awesome post. Amazing how the new and the old survive in East. Well maybe not for much longer if Kim Jong loses his shit.
Looking forward to the workflow posts. Any favourite settings, tips or tricks with Apeture and Silver Efex?

Darren Abate

If you ever have to turn down an assignment like that... Send them my way. I'd like the chance to firm up some freelance endorsement deals. ;-)


Great stuff as always.

Seems great that you're still able to mix work and personal fun in one trip.

See you around,

from the stupid cold and snow covered Toronto lol

Fong Long

#4 are boddhisatvas, buddhas who have renounced going onto buddhahood to serve in saving sentient beings from suffering ... such an encyclopaedic reply i'm astounded as myself!

btw LA does have culture ... its Hollywood and its admired all over the world! :-D

... so when you 'release' that roll of frames from the roll of film you shot, that'll be just apt for a guy from LA (film, release etc)
so! till your next 'blogpost'! ;-)


Fantastic as always!


i hereby honour you with the badge of "DSLR street shooting bravery". this badge gives you the official clearance to troll and bitch about people using a DSLR to shoot street. by proofing your historical remarks it also makes all your past comments regarding this topic void of the wise-ass-aura.
other badges you might be interested in.. "compact camera street shooting slowness" or the "cross of phone camera street creepery".


Laurence Zankowski


when Nikon and a few others made an announcement of big sensors (100 megapixel size) we are going to be getting into serious raid systems. If solid state prices would come down, the hiss of spinning drives and huge electric bills will be a thing of the past. just dreaming. I bet you'll get into fiber channel systems before to long.

I like your photos from other places more than L.A., for some reason. They feel urgent or actively engaged, I will try to figure out my thoughts on this as I look at the images a few more times.

be well



Hey Chris,
Old Uber friend here, been a while, more on that another time, blah blah blah....
First of all I hope you guy are staying dry, and your place isn't at any risk of a slide. When I lived in CA I was on a cliff and had to leave a few times, so I hope you're safe!
Moving on... after I read this post, I thought I'd try the DSLR out on the street. My M6 is in NY getting the shutter fixed after a big fall, and I've been using an M3, so I figured why not experiment now while I'm home for the holidays.
First of all street here is different, but we do have one of the East Coast's largest boardwalks and it's interesting to make photos all along there. Long story short I didn't have your luck, or ease of shooting. Here, in winter, population is sparse, tourists are all gone, so you're easily noticed, vs. the crowds of summer, where I could do whatever I want and nobody would look twice, I could even pull a Gilden and get all fucking weird in someones face, (not that I ever would), then just act like a tourist and I'm off the hook. Winter, not so much, and I know that added to the problem, then add the big Nikon, even with a small 35 or smaller 50, and most everyone who saw me raise up, gave me a weird look, turned away, or gave me the shake of the head, saying they'd rather not be photographed.
So, on the way back from the walk South on the boardwalk, the Nikon went back in the bag, and the M3 came out, I figured it would be a good test. Not one person cared, even when I pulled a light meter out a couple time. A few even asked what the camera was after seeing it. One person said I must've been born a generation or two late (I'm 27), maybe so, maybe not, who cares, all I know is I'm fine with shooting film and developing/scanning at home (now that the lab here is stupid expensive), and only shooting digital when I absolutely need to. Maybe an M9 would change that, from the files I've seen it would definitely, definitely make me consider more digital for personal work, but that's 7K away, and that's a long way.
It was a cool test taking the DSLR out in a street setting, and stepping out of my comfort zone, which I think is always good no doubt about it. It just didn't quite work out this time. So I think while it can be done, which you've shown nicely, there definitely are certain times and places where you can get away with it much easier than others. It was good to experience what I always thought firsthand for myself though.
PS - If you can, now that you're on a MacPro, try an SSD for your boot drive, Newegg has a few worth looking at, launch time's are super speedy, and just have a few 1 or 2TB drives for write/storage/scratch. Only bitch is once I added my MacPro to my MBP, was plunking the money down on a big enough drive for my Time Machine backups! Though it is a little peace of mind being able to back up and take the drive home with me, because the daily worrying about leaving my work and my computer setup at my studio is prob already giving me a damn ulcer, and definitely making me miss cigarettes.


Gosh, these are some awesome pictures, which constitute a carefully and fondly created photo travel diary. One can definitly see that there was some thinking and creativity behind those pics. I really like them!


"Had a conversation with Doug about patterns in human behavior. A few things made sense after that."

Could you share more on that? :) + this might come as a surprise :)) but you got me really curious about what, the excuse you use, that works like a charm, is :) pm me :D

There are lot's of Chris Weeks-s-s-s-s-s-s on facial-book. Could you "point me" in the right direction? :)


PS: Looking forward to the next post(s). What's up with the movie btw?

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