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10 November 2010


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C Weeks

@ grubernd: you're funny.

actually i project to these people that they see nothing. that i'm not there. ;)

i feel pretty comfortable shooting just about any situation/any camera.

on the screens i'm editing on they look amazing. i don't like to put up very hi-reso photos on my blog but i think most, like yourself, get the point!

friggin' sharpness. amazing people, besides like product photography guys, actually care. ;)

Dmitry K

Hey Chris,

Great pics as always.

Thats the one problem I have while shooting street, is that i think everyone is looking at me and will have something to say. But i guess that goes away after years of practice.

Maybe if you're ever in Toronto you can show me how its done. Would be fun to go shoot with you and Arthur.

Funny i don't even call myself a photographer and far from a working one thats for sure. I wonder what they are thinking when they say that yet don't show it in their work or if they even get work.

Hope all is well on your the west coast.

Peace from Toronto.


Hah, I've been reading your blog since forever and reading this and sev's blog has indeed given me leica, or at least rangefinder-fever.
I do in fact find that shooting different types of camera or different formats keeps you on your toes, or at least it keeps me on my toes and it keeps me learning. I still wanna experience the unobtrusiveness of a rangefinder and see how it is if you can get really close with that tiny camera. I mostly shoot street with an SLR and yeah, I get noticed too much. The sound of the film motor winding forward doesn't help. But I think that you are right when you said that a lot of it is psychological (oh geez I'm gonna get noticed), gonna try and work on that. Cheaper than buying an M, that's for sure hah.
Plus, thanks for the link on the reply to Matt to your blog post on dA on how to "make it", great read, and it came at the right time for me.
I've been wanting to get some non-forum or blogger's comments about my shots for some time, but I don't think you have the time.

P.S.: I agree with Matt. The bitching is starting to get old :P


Nice to see some new stuff, glad youre experimenting with something outside your comfort zone, wouldnt wanna stagnate. ;)

What Ive noticed the last few years is that the amount of random people carring digi rebels and such has increased a heck of a lot to the point where its normal to have something like the 5d2. Thats my theory of why nobody took notice to you. I get about the same kind of reaction when I bring around my dslr, im just another one of the sheep. Its only when you break out the big glass with flash and tupperware then people take notice...


never thought i'd see the day! ;) this was a really cool experiment man, thanks for sharing the results. interesting to say the least. surprised that you found you were noticed no more than with your leica's. normally i would have guessed that in hollywood people probably just don't care regardless of the camera but you tested this experiment in other parts too so that's very interesting.

it's a cool experiment too because the method of shooting with a small rangefinder and film is kind of a dated process... it definitely works but as you said, why not use the 3200 iso that's usable these days on other cameras? and back when people like hcb were doing it, leica's were popular for street because people weren't desensitized to big dslr's on the streets... but now...? everyone pretty much has one so it's really no huge revelation for people to see them on the street so it makes sense that people don't really pay more/less attention.

i guess the biggest joy of shooting a rangefinder is for the reasons of comfort - it's small, much lighter, quieter and still somehow feels different than shooting a dslr. feels more proper to the subject matter and genre. it also references the classical approach which is somewhat important to a classical type of photography in a way. i mean, there can be a contemporary approach to it but i think the camera one uses isn't really such a significant factor to the aesthetics of it as you demonstrated so i'm not entirely sure what a contemporary approach to street photography would be yet. could be another interesting experiment to find out. wait a minute... i think i just figured it out: color hdr is clearly the contemporary approach to street. just kidding. :)

anyways, i love all the photos of course. and i love the text. reminds me of old-school weeks dA journals. ;) really really really stoked for part two man. always a great feeling reading this on my itouch while eating thai food or on my way to class and then coming back and looking at it bigger on my macbook!

thanks a lot for the shout out too, i really appreciate that. it's always a huge feeling coming from the person responsible for me buying a camera in the first place and i'm sure not many people can say that!

glad to see things are good, we have to get a phone chat going soon ... been too long!


ps ... i'm very curious what you tell people when they ask what you're doing! so far i haven't been caught/confronted but i am waiting for the day... ;)


Chris, as much as I liked these photos, your post before it with film blows them away. Film wins for me. The Canon 5D Mark II is a lovely piece of gear, and using the R lenses on it must be sweet. I like the rendering of film better though. I also like the M9 stuff. But, film even beats that. There is a cinematic quality of film. I think we've lost that quality in digital Digital runs flat by comparison. I think we've just gotten used to digital. I love digital too, so it's not a blast against it. Just an observation over this past year of looking at the results of each.

Having said that, the Canon does produce lovely files. I love your street work.

By the way, where is your M9? Did you do this as an experiment for fun? Or is your M9 in the shop? What gives? (I'm still on fence about M9. I use a Leica M6, ad D-Lux 4. Sold the M8.2. I also use a Nikon D90, but i'm finding the glass not to be up to par with what I see coming out of Zeiss and Leica. I may be upgrading my glass. It's funny because the sensor is okay for a cropped sensor. It produces nice big files, it's just that the lenses aren't my favorite. Maybe that will change if I get the 85mm. Right now, I shoot with the 50mm f/1.8 lens, which is pretty good, but not as good as Zeiss!)

Gary Copeland

@Chris: 'the way i saw life at the beginning of this experiment, during and after ... are much different.'

What do you mean by this??


C Weeks

@Dmitry K: don't worry about them catching you. unless it's a group of like 15 bangers then i hope you have some verbal skills. ;)

hmm ... toronto ...

looking for some locations to do workshops ... didn't ever think of toronto ...

but i wonder if that's close enough to nyc to attract some toronto-friends?

thing is about the "impostors" is that they want their readers to think they're working yet have never done a commission/assignment.

cheers back from the fall-like west coast!

C Weeks

@Thomas: i've quite enjoyed this experiment. seriously, a lot is in your head. project onto them that they don't see you. works. ;)

i'm sure the bitching is quite new to at least a couple of people i know who read this. ;)

perhaps there'll be no bitching in pt. 2. ;)

C Weeks

@aerone: i'd like to think i project myself past the people i'm photographing. ;)

i've seen quite a few 5dm2's "out there." in fact, i see quite a few leicas more often than i'd expect!

never break out the big glass or a flash! ;)

C Weeks

@Arthur: back in the day of hcb they shot leicas because they were the smalled lightest things going. doisneau used that and a rollei. they had slow emulsions and really slow glass. most people were used to seeing photographers with view cameras and plates so ... i dunno how much the format really mattered to people.

i totally didn't mind having a clean 3200 iso in my bag of isos. ;)

so ... i'm thinking a toronto street workshop may be in the works...

we're gonna do some us cities first but if we can get enough interest we may do toronto as well!

not gonna publish my new "i took your picture excuse" online. ;)

hope you're well, man!

C Weeks

@elaine: truth-be-told in my domke bag sat the m9 and a nocti pretty much the whole time i was out.

in as much as i would have agreed with you about film in the past .... i can't wholly agree anymore. for me ... the importance is the image ... whether it's captured with an m9, mp, 5dm2, pentax-whatever ...

silver efex is the equalizer.

digital/video straight out of a body or raw file is way too sharp. having done a lot of post-work on some motion i think that i'm gonna treat digital the same way i treat video and ... take the edge off.

i've really enjoyed doing this little experiment.

cheers for the comment!


I noticed my comments were removed....
no doubt U have enough wankers trying to post here!
a deletion well earned I'm sure!
you just created a space by the fire of friendship.
It's the proof and triumph of a man's reason to get on well with those who possess none.
May you enjoy a interesting life.


a toronto street workshop would be sick! i'm sure we could get a lot of people that'd be into it. that would be so cool!

hope to hear about it soon - even the us cities would be awesome and there are some not too far from toronto!! exciting!


Good stuff as always. I am glad you were able to direct yourself out of your comfort zone and shoot with the huge cumbersome DSLR! You still made great pics! An old friend of mine would always say when I bitched about something old I was using pining for the newest greatest thing out there, was, "It's a poor musician who blames his instrument." "You're good enough to make what you have work." He is a smart man. You have proven that to be the case here (even though you do possess the latest greatest equipment.) Nicely done sir.

laurence zankowski


when do you think you will post your Streetlife photo workshops cities? Are they going to be just a west coast/east coast thing?


Bill Pierce

Chris - Try slipping a 50mm Leitz brightline finder into the accessory shoe of the 5D. It's a little more like shooting a really big Leica and good for street photography after the sun goes down. Pierce

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