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24 September 2010


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A fresh view at a big waste of money these celebrity trials turn out to be. I wonder how many people in third world countries can be fed with the sum of what everyone is paying for coverage, transport, legal, etc..

I bet the number would be shocking.

Alex ha

I have been using Silver Efex, I heard it from someone I think it was Thorsten that said something about it a while back. Pretty nice digital B&W plug-in.

As for the paps. I have yet to see and probably will never see anything like that in St. Louis. Pretty interesting to see people go crazy over stuff like that.

Alex ha

ah ha! I see you in your trademark jacket ;)


Great stuff, always like your articles! And the photos look awesome, just that certain something that most people don't have when taking photos. Seriously makes me want to dust off my E-500 and go shooting.

Thanks Chris, great Saturday morning readin :)

Pedro Cardigo

Chris, you have great shots of the "event"! You´re definitely right about Nik's Software, it's a "must have" for b&w digital!

Have a good weekend! Cheers from Portugal!


Great work, Weeks! This is about the only way that I could follow this story!


Nice work. Good read.


That shot of Nick Ut made my day. Thanks! It so strange to think that he is shooting Lohan's court appearance, knowing that he took one of the most important photos in photo journalism history.

laurence zankowski


Could you give a recap on your workflow and your reasoning of using DNG?

Thanks in advance...


But what did she do?
Yeah, the added grain looks nice. Maybe a bulk roll of film on an MP next time instead, though...

Max Herrgard

I fail to see how this can be so interesting to people. I mean, the photographers are just doing their job, but someone hired them and a lot of them. Good for photographers though :) I enjoyed the pictures, maybe that's what everyone else also does, and not care at all for Ms. Baby Killer. Or the other way around?

Cheers from Sweden :)

Dan P

Haha Chris you are the man! I love that last photo.

They should make all photojournalists use Leicas. I'll take a wide-open 35/50mm image over something shot with a 70-200 any day.

Ken Z.

Hi Chris!
Interesting views and insightful comments on the ongoing grief of Ms.Lohan and the various "hangers-on".Shame she seems to fail her drug tests so often(or so it's been said).If she didn't commit a major crime(like Bernie M. and his Ilk)or hurt someone...sounds more like a personal issue(so few people in La La Land haven't done drugs of some kind!).Down here they drink a case of beer and decide to go for a drive(think squid-billies on adult swim).Miss the dog pictures!Really miss the fashions shoots;-).
Prayers and good thoughts to you and yours,
Ken Z.

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