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27 August 2010


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way back when before digital and electronic viewing
screen on cameras..


Thank you for this. I frequent one of those sites and some of the people are actually helpful and know what they speak of. There's also a fair amount of nonsense. Someone responded to a question I asked by quoting a very reputable repair person of old cameras. I then spoke to the person firsthand and learned the attributed quote was blatantly incorrect! On any webforum, one has to assume at least half of the content in unverified bullshit. It's a shame.


Wow, the parroting article that set you off is quite...special. The article wouldn't be so bad--it's basically a standard fare rumor-site/forum type of useless article, except apparently much much slower than the forum to find the Asahi article and start the panic--but the snotty responding comments put it over the top for me. I loved the "my provisional inclination as a journalist" line dismissing other information, when his only reporting is reading a Japanese article. You would think it would at least have created enough doubt to attempt communication himself like, say, a real journalist would. The "we'll see" is flippant as you mentioned, and also sets up his being proven "right" in the future, because if Leica does discontinue in 5 years (or 10 or 20!), he can always claim that it was this phantom 2009 discontinuation that was real and the 5 years was just selling old stock (even though Leica says directly you can see them coming off the line today, he's clearly not bothered by such a detail). Priceless stuff.

Max Herrgard

Hey, by the way, are you still using your film Leica, Chris?


Wow. What a bitch.

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