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23 July 2010


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Ashraf Azlan

I almost did a double take to make sure I was on the right blog after reading the first paragraph :) Excellent write-up Chris, so much stuff for me to learn..

Christian Rollinson

wow, that's an amazing amount of effort you guys are putting in, i'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour, loving the stills of the stills :)


hope your well
boy have you been bizzy
do like the redrock remote


that was a really useful post man, thanks for that.

i've been keeping up with what laforet has been doing and it's really remarkable. did you see the hands-on video tutorial he did over the course of a few days? i bought the files from his site since there's a lot of great info there. philip bloom was actually at a video expo here in toronto a month or so ago...

some of the shit out there is so overpriced - this blog was great to read to see the other options available. i still can't believe that a few pieces of plastic can amount to at least a stack. fucking stupid!

really looking forward to seeing your film when it's complete. i think we all have high expectations! can't wait man.

hope you're well and thanks for sharing insight.


ps - i love that your talent is from toronto. and that redrock remote follow focus... wow. just wow.

Kamil Wysocki

Wow, that was a looong entry :D Thank you for all this information, it's really helpful as I'm also the one who fell in love with 5d2 video :) Can't wait to see your work!
Greets from Poland!

laurence zankowski


When are you going to do a workshop for CreativeLive? Would love to be a camera op on that workshop if you did it. I just did camera op for last weeks creativelive workshop.

As to HD-DSLR:
We shot a spec on 5dMKII and a 7d with zeiss primes / ultra primes up in Bonanza Creek, out side of Santa Fe back in early May 2010. Showed it to Vincent L., got a great compliment from him" Wow"...

Any how, here is the link:

Shot with next to nothing cost wise and done during a regular client shoot while folks were either setting up the next location or after hours.

I was actor, insert truck driver, ac, pa, driver for client, etc. Look up Ron in LA he can tell you more.
BTW, the horse shots are done with no stabilization( no steadi cam stuff). Over rutted dirt cow/ truck paths. 15 - 19 mph was speed of truck.

I learn so much from this blog. Thanks for sharing.


Mike Francis

Thanks Chris, another great blog mate full of useful info, thanks again


I think I've read through this post two or three times now Chris, and each time come away with that much more insight to a field I would love to make inroads to one day in the future.
Thanks mate!

Jay Gannon

Hey Man,
Check out Matthew Duclos:

He does some great gears and step up rings, and declicks the aperture so you can do Iris pulls.
He is also the lens guru and can repair/fix any piece of glass ever produced. Nice guy to boot.

Eric Kesseler's gear is great for timelapse, he does that shit at about 20% of the cost of the rest, but irs average for video work. Well built stuff with great service though.

Great to see your coming over into the filmmaking world, its a scary place over here, gimme a shout if you need any assist in post.

Jay G

C Weeks

@Ashraf Azlan: really? i've always wanted to do it ... but never before has something like the look of video with the 5dm2 been available.

glad you enjoyed it!

C Weeks

@Christian Rollinson: it's an incredible amount of effort. I've still got a car stunt to shoot, too. ;) those should be interesting stills.

looking forward to showing people privately. i doubt i'll post it with full access to the entire internet, though.

C Weeks

@peter: very. hope you are, too. the redrock remote? never used it. i'm just not sure an iphone-controlled unit has much relevance in the real world. looks cool, though.

C Weeks

@Arthurmola: laforet's the man. bloom's alright. i think he's good at introducing people to gear and providing some initial set up information but don't find endless time lapses all that interesting.

hoping to finish! i have some pretty high expectations as well!

C Weeks

@ Arthurmola: there's a lot of toronto talent here in l.a.!

C Weeks

@Kamil Wysocki: was really long and took a while! greets back from la-la-land.

C Weeks

@ laurence zankowski: dunno if i'd ever do something like that, actually. i don't mind talking about stills but haven't done motion long enough to talk about it ... dunno.

that wrangler thing was beautiful man! wow! good for you guys.

I'm sure vincent thought it was beautiful. vincent's work with the hd-slr is the best out there. everyone else seems to be kind of riding the wave he started out riding first.

happy you get something from the blog, man!


C Weeks

@Mike Francis: thanks, man!

C Weeks

@Mark: so happy your eyes didn't cross after reading three times. ;)

C Weeks

@ Jay Gannon: duclos is out here! i've seen that stuff. know about kessler as well but he's still more expensive for a rather "short throw" in my opinion.

i just want a technocrane and 2 able grips. ;)

i'll totally hit you up, man, thanks!!!

Ken Z.

Looks like your headed warp-speed to Tinseltown Fame and Glory and Fat Stacks!
I can now say I knew Chris Weeks when He still did stills with Spaniels in them!
We knew you had TALENT,just not the totality of it's range....
Godspeed you and yours.
Ken Z.

Jim Masi

I appreciate folks like yourself that are willing to share their experience and knowledge. I'm purchasing a Dana Dolly and read in your blog that you were able to secure curved speed rail for your track, would you be willing to share where you were able to get it from?
Thanks for any assistance.
Jim Masi
BearHand Production

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