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01 June 2010


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Love the colors, mate!


Chris, what breed are those dogs up top? They are absolutely adorable!
That an S-class you're rocking there? Gotta admit I love taking pics of the Benz emblem when driving down the road :) (not when I'm driving of course though lol). Its a shame hood ornaments are going the way of the dodo...
Bought a used Leica again (wish is was an M9...someday, but it'll do for now). Love my Canon too, but missed having the rangefinder around...the best camera is the one you have on you, and it just feels awkward lugging the canon to a house party haha.
Alright, last week in Australia so I'll be returning to the warm summer woohoo!
Cheers mate!

Ted Van Pelt

Your passion for Murphy and company has me questioning what I am passionate about in life. You are doing great things with dog rescue. Memorial Day weekend was super crowded at all the state parks. Makes me wish I could have stayed home and cared for puppies.

C Weeks

@riccis: thanks! i'm surprised how much i like them!

C Weeks

@ted: thanks, man. in terms of rescue my gf does much more than i. yeah ... i saw the camper-traffic at the beach so i'll bet the parks were just as bad.

C Weeks

@alex: those are cavalier king charles spaniels ... the best breed in the world. my friend was rocking the s-class. :) someday you'll get an m9! seriously, though, all leicas are good! i lug canons to parties all of the time but then again ... i'm hired to do that. ;) personally, i only carry a leica. cheers to you as well.


My favorite subjects have four legs and fur...great pics! Wiener dog + woman is my fav too...what a it!

Jordan Jumpman

I have read your article, I think this is very good! Street art, alternative art life, are great!

Peter West

As always quite nice ... I like your style of street photography ... and your Leica Photography :-)



Randy Moon

I appreciate your expertise about the M9. So whenever you feel the urge to comment on the good and the bad of the M9, you should know that there's at least one person out there who can't get enough. As a matter of fact, if you're ever in the mood, it would be cool to get something at length like you did with that street photography essay you did long ago.

Fong Long

oh, yeah ... good to see two posts in a row!

1.4/35 summilux proto huh .... :-)


Wow thats what I consider real passion, I have a lot of respect for you sir... Im a dog lover myself and take a lot of pics 2... keep it up!!!

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