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03 June 2010


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james jay

WOW... 2 posts in the last week. amazing...

Amazing images Chris as always, nice to see some film too...

- James


hope your well

good luck to bm
we got some freak 'no ash' skies
at the moment piping hot


Love this post!! Very nice! Like the Sponge Bob one ;)


Great to see more amazing photos, and nearly back to back blogs!! Hope your birthday treated you well!!


Nice post. I really enjoyed it. Especially the agfa 25 120 part.

Please, never go back to watermarks Chris!

Ashraf Azlan

aaaaa the new lux, how is it? I'm torn between buying the current one or save up and wait for the new lux to go down in price (probably take a gajillion years though) Heres hoping I manage to find a pretty used one up for sale :)

oh and that first shot is just too adorable.

Fong Long

oh yeah, chris ... very nice photos on this one !
now, not the other one is not nice ... ;-) but this one's just rockin' together grrr-eat (the grr is for that lovely dog)

Luke Neher

Hey Chris, I would've messaged you on DeviantArt but I deleted my account as soon as I could because that site really went down the tubes I think.

Anyway, I'm a student from Melbourne, Australia who's interested in street photography and me and a pal are heading out to LA with my leica for a bit in August. Are there any galleries etc that are must see when we're there?

Oh I think we might be chilling with Mark Hunter for a bit while we're there too.

Anyway, if you know of anything that is a must do, photographically, in LA. Email me at lukeneher @ optusnet dot com dot au

Thanks so much for all the inspiration man.


Don't be too tough on those TOP guys. They made the mistake of actually reading Playboy in the 60's, instead of just looking at the pictures. They bought into it big time, including the ads: jazz on a good stereo, an XKE in the garage, a gorgeous girlfriend, and an SLR. Kinda sad in some ways...

Ken Z.

Great Spaniel pictures!


I love your no bullshit blogs. Great images and some good ole fashion name calling to those who concentrate on gear rather than images. I had to comment to let you know about a blog called what white people like, it reminded me of your blog. He hasn't made a post about how all white people seem to think they are pro picture takers since the invention of digital SLR. Being the in tune sort of guy you are I'm sure you've already seen it but if not there are some laughs.
Keep up the good work.

laurence zankowski

Chris, sort of off topic but on topic for you. I have fallen for a spaniel, her name is Ruby. She seems to be the runt of the litter. Small for a 3 yr old, but god...

here she is.


great photos chris...such an effortless STYLE :)

C Weeks

@claire: thank you so much, love. *gonna have to look at your website today*

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