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25 May 2010


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Thorsten Overgaard

Funny that Polaroid was bought up by some of their old employees to re-invent Polaroid. But the Hipster and Plastic Bullet seem to do the job. And for a few dollars.


Second photo is my fave with the hipstamatic, I loved it from the very first moment I saw it when you uploaded it to FB... anyway, why the fuck are you holding and axe?!?!

and yeah, obviously I liked this one

cheers bro


Love it! You make me want to go out and get an Iphone... but then again do I really need one, maybe just for the shots ;) plastic bullet tough, definitely a keeper.

christian rollinson

heh, loving the 'axe murderer in the garden' shot ;)
superb technology, wait 'till we get a super-8 video app, that would be fucking amazing!

Account Deleted

Hi there Chriss, wanted to let you know about a blogging platform that sounds interesting. I personally use wordpress but i'm quite intrigued by textpattern. it's very simplistic and the whole CMS is simply text files. no database, no fuss.


Ashraf Azlan

yeah redgiant is pretty awesome, magic bullet was a huge time saver.

Richard P

In regards to the onlinewannabe, they've inspired me to take a 1300mm and a 16mm fisheye. I think this is a reasonable kit.


pretty cool! you're right, the camera on the blackberry sucks! especially the new curve.

seems the iphone is sick as a snapshot camera... especially since they can be printed nicely at 5x7.

this is an interesting movement in photography... film had all these beautiful imperfections that digital didn't and now digital is trying to put them back to achieve the look.

looks really cool though! and it will only get better from here...

thanks for sharing... glad to see another post! :)


I went from never hearing about hipstamatic before to 3 mentions in an hour today. It is possible I never heard of it before because I don't have an iphone though.

Also, Target (Baton Rouge) is the only place that yells at me for taking pictures.

Scott Alexander

Funnily enough, I was gearing up to post my own hipstamatic blog! That Plastic Bullet is amazing, some really nice effects.

I sometimes use the standard camera only because of the slightly below 2:3 ratio, so I am glad there is something that can give me a hipsta feel with standard images.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


My partner and I were recently in Chicago...she was rockin' the Hipstamatic, and me my beloved M9 and I've gotta say...I was blown away with the shots she was getting with that program and her iPhone. Love I don't actually feel so unprepared when I leave my M9 at home (it does happen every now and then)! And thanks for the heads-up on Plastic bullet...very cool!

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