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27 April 2010


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Laurence Zankowski

Thanks for the update chris. I will be up in the PNW later this month on a long ride from Tucson, by the way of Corrales, NM, Colorado Springs,CO. 100,000 miles on the Road King so far.

These images keep me inspired and driven to do better.


Been waiting a long time for this.
Great stuff as always, friend.


Welcome back sir . . . welcome back.

Scott Alexander

I love the last street-street shot, not too random at all.

I still remember when you did the 'contest' on dA for guessing what two donuts you had at that fine establishment a previous time ;)

Great to see the new post!


how to destroy a photo in seconds: just place watermarks half the size of the photo on it. done.


The Leica is treating you well. I know a few people looking into the micro 4/3rds for the same reason, well plus not all of us can drop a few grand on yet another camera. Mind sharing how you did the B&W conversion on these? They look slick, nice.


Seriously nothing i love shooting more than my m6, the bill after a trip is heavy but it's worth it.

Lovely to see you're still alive! :p


Reading your thoughts/seeing your photos makes me want to expand my own peripheral. Thank u for sharing

Hi Chris. Don't worry, I definitely prefer quality over quantity when it comes to blogs. :) Thankfully, Google Reader is much improved now when it comes to doing catch-up. That said, most of my blog-reading comes in via Facebook now.

Sadly, the G9 has not seen much action lately. :( Too fricking tired after work, thanks to meds holding down my immune system.

Currently raining prospective parliamentary candidates here in the UK - we go to the polls on May 6th to (hopefully!) vote in a better bunch than the last lot. Bit more interesting this time, as people have finally twigged that there are other choices than just Labour or Conservative - both are rattled, and a hung parliament and the prospect of a coalition government are a distinct possibility. Me? I'll just be happy if most people get off their arse and cast their vote. And if we get an MP who represents us instead of the party...

Mark Greenmantle

As always, love the shots mate. Great to see a post from you, it has been quite a while. It makes me really want to get the ancient Voightlanders here fixed so I can try my hand at street shooting. No freakin way I'd try to stealth around with the D3. It's the noisiest bitch camera I have ever known. Punters at a gig the other night heard it over a rock band I was shooting. *laughs* yeah - subtle eh.
Spent the last few months as production manager for a pro-lab, mostly showing shooters how to better manage their colour, workflow, and often how to shoot. It's depressing what gets called "pro" these days. Starting to shoot more again from last week though.
Hope the family are all well mate!

Account Deleted

The guy in the glass on the left, just above the "Latte." He is real or just a reflection of a poster or something? He was the first thing I noticed when I looked at this photo.

C Weeks

@Laurence Zankowski: 100K miles????? that's amazing. happy you find inspiration here, mate.

C Weeks

@tiit: yes, been a while. blogs take me a while. happy you enjoyed it, though.

C Weeks

@Jonesy: thanks, man!

C Weeks

@Scott Alexander: guess which ones i had this time? wait ... i just pointed at some. don't remember the names.

happy you enjoy the random! :)

C Weeks

@Kai: how to get your stuff used inappropriately on the web: don't put copyright notices.

C Weeks

@B: i wouldn't suggest using micro 4/3's with leica glass, though. totally different.

some of the conversions were done in aperture but many on this one were a set of actions on ps cs3 i use. amazing stuff. :)

C Weeks

@ Morgan: glad you're enjoying the m6! told ya'! ;)

yes, i know all too well how much that bill can be!

C Weeks

@sarajaye: expand, love, expand! :)

C Weeks

@alan: thanks, mate. glad to hear the meds are working for you!!!

hope you guys get someone better for you as well. tell them to stop legislating against photographers, too, while you're at it! :)

C Weeks

@Mark Greenmantle: i laugh when people say they can do street with a behemoth like the d3. ;)

the old voigt's, eh? hmm... perhaps you should.

so sad what's being passed off as pro. so sad.

great to hear from you, mate!

C Weeks

@Vpcwiu: he's a real person! that's one of the reasons i really like that frame, man. so much going on. wish you could see it big!


With the size of the sensors in the micro 4/3rds, the 1st party lenses are just fine. When you're just showing 500x333 on the web, what difference does it make...

OK thanks, not sure if you want to be more specific about that or not, I'm struggling with a channel mixer solution, I have a way to go there.

BTW, have you seen what content aware fill does with these kinds of copyright notices/watermarks?

S Marsh

Gutted. If I had known you would be at the Portland Leica Roadshow I would have pressed harder for a ticket, fucking typical. Figured it would be a stilted affair, oh well. Live and learn.

Almost had a fit when I saw Mike and Baby, you and I have probably both heard the same story between us. A really nice guy, I've talked to him a couple of times now. If you're interested I have a photo of both Mike and Baby on flickr (link below) from a few months back, a hipshot with an M6. I'm real happy to see he's still around, godspeed indeed.

Looking forward to your next entry...


Reading your posts and looking at your photos never fails to recharge my inner photographer. Screw this unemployment funk, I'm going to hit the streets with my trusty 5-year-old rebel and do something different.

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