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09 February 2010


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Is that the new 35mm summilux? How does it compare to the ASPH?


glad you are back for more recently, so my work break doesn't feel like wasted time as usual.
but some of the crops don't feel right, doesn't meet your style


happy to see the S2 out and about instead of the studio. of course it helps to have good looking subjects to boot. enjoy the la rain... better than dc snow.

Eduardo Frances

Awesome photos as always buddy! And the "freestyling" worked pretty well Chris! always like to see your red carpet and premiere photos they are really different.

It is impressive to see the performance of the camera but in the end what makes it is the fact that it was used by a good photographer such as yourself, although the Nocti and the T/S are sad I guess :P.

Anne is an awesome actress both photos are great!, Jessica Alba´s new style is awesome too.

The Arris must be there to avoid so many lousy photos from other photographers, then that´s no guarantee at all, there will be always one or two working in "P" for professional mode in the crowd ;).

This report has lots to say in it, I mean pretty much everyone and their uncle Timmy were saying Leica was dead and it couldn´t survive the transition to digital...silly, I mean many will end up prefering using Leicas like the S2 rather than the Fujiblads.

Also I´m kinda expecting to see people whine in the forums because it doesn´t has a sensor based anti shake system :P...that will be really funny.

Billy Nomates

Man, you made that fucking ugly dog look beautiful. Fucking great camera. Bet the other twats on the sidewalk wondered who the fuck was paying you. Keep it up for fucks sake. Again, that dog is fuck ugly.

Billy Nomates

Chris, I truly think your dog is gorgeous and you're a fabulous photographer. Honestly, I didn't mean a word I wrote yesterday.

Just think you put people down too much by your categorisations and profanity. Some of these people will have amazing respect for you even though they are limited by their own experiences and ability.

Apologise to the dog for me, please.

Ken Z.

Hey Chris!
Just thought of another difference between you and other pros "getting the job done" in your line of work....and those"almost might be"people carrying cameras.Your subjects WANT you to take their pictures and YOU don't have to run away afterward(unless it's to get a shot of the next celeb coming up to you).Just a passing thought..
Ken Z.

George@Install IDE Drivers

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