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09 February 2010


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Awesome, awesome.


it's like watching top gear... i know the ferrari is the fastest and most beautiful... but i'm still in love with my little go-cart - you know ;)


An S2 and M9's, wow mana from heaven.
I could only imagine what a processer drain those raw files would be.

C Weeks

@tiit: thanks, man.

C Weeks

@sev: i agree but you have to think that there's a little part of the go-cart inside these beasts, right?

C Weeks

@seamus: honestly, i wish everyone could at least get the chance to shoot these cameras for a day. um ... processor drain ... yeah.

C Weeks

@forum posters: you guys are mostly pussies. get off the fucking forum and try to make photos. please. ;)

Ken Z.

Great set of pictures Chris!
Love the comments as well(they put flesh and bones on the both the scene and context as well).
Damn cold for this time of year in the mid-south.
Ever given thought to becoming a Film maker?
A new breed of Neo-Aussie-Faux-French perhaps;-)???
Kidding aside, much of your work compares favorably with some of the greats.


Really enjoyed your post, reminds me of stuff you used to post years ago on DA.

And yes less forum, more photos!

Dmitry K

Great stuff and that camera looks crazy. Thought I would still love to get myself at rangfinder. I think greaet stuff from either camera. I really want to get my hands one the new Hassy the 50mp one.

Really like the behind the scenes type shots where you see all the other photogs.

I am sure your not the only one who likes the fact that your not yelling and shooting off the flash every 5 seconds. I think I'd go mad.


Love it! Those cropped files looked pretty damn good to me... what a great beast! Also, thanks for sharing those lovely ladies... I know your shots are not retouched, all the more to find them beautiful ;)

Can't wait to see more of what this S2 does!

Patrick Trautfield

Gorgeous stuff as always Chris...lovin that S2 and M9!

C Weeks

@kenz: thanks, man. and, yes, that's my current project... i can't talk about it publicly, though.

C Weeks

@monn: yeah, i know ... it's been a while for that genre.

less forum ... more photos. indeed.

C Weeks

dmitry: i think the 'blad's too slow. pick up one of these and try it out.

i know for a fact some of the talent appreciate not being a loud-ass annoying p.o.s. ;)

i find that the behind-the-scenes stuff lends very well and is a nice foil to the pretty talent stuff.

C Weeks

@richard: i'm still shocked at the crops you can make out of these files. very interesting.

happy you enjoy the pretty ladies. there were a few last night. ;)

can't wait to get my hands on the s2 again!

C Weeks

@patrick: thanks, mate. :)


really cool man. i miss seeing your premiere photos. they always have had something different to them.

it's cool that you found another camera to mess around with!

the s2 looks pretty sick from what you've posted!

keep em coming bro!


Hi - great shots. What ISO were most of these shot at?

Ashraf Azlan

sweet, was wondering how an s2 would handle in an environment like that. looks like leica did a good job :)


Some great shots and a very interesting post! Leica seems to be back on track with the M9 and the S2. Sooo glad about that :)

C Weeks

@arthur: i don't actually miss making the premiere photos but ... i guess in moderation it's still fun.

the s2 is totally sick.

hope you're well.

C Weeks

@Darryl: thanks, man. i shot them at 320 and 640.

C Weeks

@Ashraf: i was wondering as well. ;) and, yes, they did. i'm happy about it as well.

C Weeks

@martin: they're totally on track. then again, in terms of film they've always been ahead in my opinion. :)

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