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01 February 2010


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Is that the same camera Vespa used in the portrait studio?

christian rollinson

nice to see a new post chris,the first thing i think of now when i hear about sundance is you freezing your arse off heh heh. love the shot of the swirly snow around the light, took me a moment to work out what the fuck was happening ;)
great to see banksy in action over there, he has done some awesome, thought provoking stuff over the years. cheers.

Richard Polom

Great to see some new shots Chris! Looks like you had a taste of what we get here 4 months out of the year :) Loved the head shots and the Pit bull shot!

Hope you’re doing well!

Thorsten Overgaard

"They’re evil geniuses who find new ways to suck money out of us." is now in my status bar. Ha ha.

Love the lamp shot with snow. Wow!

I take it that the taxi shot is 35/1.4. You use that lens ... different. It's like it has more DOF in your hands.

Kamil Wysocki

I loved this photo with woman punching bag (?) behind bar. Kinda reminds me my favourite shots from your dA pdfs ;))

Dan P

Ha I like the guy with the plastic bag and the $1 dog. Those color dog images are pretty good too! Plus the grilled cheese robot. Nice to see some new photos from you.

PS I am in my second semester of college and it's in a city! I didn't venture out much last semester but I have started shooting a little street and it's addicting. Gonna bring my Canonet next weekend. You can see some of my recent stuff on flickr - - I just joined. Some day I'll be cool like you! ;)


€7,000 for an M9 disguised as M8?!!!! and that's just the start price... damn it!

Ryan's, Wilmer's and Jason's portraits are just beyond beautiful!! yup, sometimes all you need is a window to make the best photos!

Dmitry K

Great stuff man.

Funny how here in Toronto hasn't been that cold at all. And there is like NO snow to speak of. We had like a whole week where it was above freezing, that unheard of for January.


Thanks for the post and the other recent one Chris. You scared the shit out of me. I realized I was rapidly becoming in danger of becoming one of those old white guys that take pictures of fucking landscapes. I actually have worried about my inability to take the standard landscape picture. Thank god, I still like taking pictures of people.

Kind of bit your style with my latest post. take it as a complement and don't worry because no one reads my blog anyway.


Was about to ask you last night if there's a chance to see a new entry any time soon and then I saw your post on FB.

Looks like you shoot a lot of colour these days.
Not that it's bad, no. Quite the opposite.

And man you're fucking lucky you don't get any snow in LA. I hate the stuff. And cold...

Take care, man.

Terry Zumalt

Thanks for the new post Chris.
Did you get to see any films while you were out there?



keep on forgetting to enter that pasky posting code.. :(
love the photos

would'nt mind an ipad with osx

the cold's pissin me off some
that pic of the globe with the flakes
is something

Ashraf Azlan

chris, no more film shots? :P

Ken Z.

Great photo's as always,Chris.When I saw the snow pictures U took reminded me of Chicago in January.
As for music I like having a hard copy(CD)of the music/artist I like.Comes from using the piss-poor Windows keep my music.Don't trust it one iota,U betcha.
Like Winanp though.
Prices at the local music/movie/tv recycle store are great,I also found a site called Magnatune by chance(love the selections and the way they allow you to listen to all the tracks,and if buying,how much U decide to pay).
Final question,where does one use that new gear to take photo's?
Best to J,M,C and co.

C Weeks

@j: don't think so.

C Weeks

@christian: you thought it; i felt it. thanks, man!!!

C Weeks

@Richard: yes, i believe you guys some of the same weather as park city! glad you liked the shots!!!

C Weeks

@Thorsten: they are evil geniuses. i love that lens ... perhaps that's why i get some nice dof ... or lack thereof.

C Weeks

@Kamil: which one would that be?

C Weeks

@Dan P: it's nice to post some new photos! good luck with the canonet!!! just opened your flickr page. :)

C Weeks

@Aldo: sometimes ALL you need is a window. and, yeah, the starting price for those cameras is ridiculous!

C Weeks

@Dmitry K: thanks!!! happy to hear your weather's been nice!

C Weeks

@Mark: i'm sure someone reads it. perhaps you should post more than just landscape. ;)

C Weeks

@Tiit: yeah, all we get in l.a. is rain. ;)

C Weeks

@Terry Zumalt: no, no films, man. nothing. :(

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