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28 December 2009


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Happy new year to you and your family too, Mr Weeks!

Fong Long

oh yeah, Happy New Year, Chris!
(we the proletariat still shoot film ---- in monochrome ---- just so you know!) ;-)
m9 envy! :-)


"Friends" with Rockwell? What gives? Totally odd, change of heart?
Some nice colours coming through on the M9.


Another bad lab customer here... Also shooting a lot of M9 and catching up printing in the darkroom... I was planning to make it up by shooting some film for a couple of gigs in London and Oslo coming up in February but in light of recent events and for the sake of easier traveling I am instead bringing the M9s along.

Happy New Year, mate!

Dan Powell

So nice to see/hear from you again! I really enjoyed the photos, it's pretty obvious how much you are enjoying the M9. ;) I especially like the shot of the peace sign lady.. such a wonderful moment.


finally :D I thought you were hit by a car (prius maybe) or something :), color is nice, your headstone will probably be a leica shaped stone

eager to see what you've 'been workin' on slash writing



I love you, man.
And I love this and all of your entries.
And is that your Benz in the $1 Car Wash? Fucking love that. Too.
Looking forward to another entry. Days here are lonely and boring.

Have a happy New Year.

Richard Polom

Great to see you back here Chris! Loved... loved the shots! The M9 sure seems to be flawlessly binding with you, still, I miss seeing your b&w : ) The santa one is really great! Something warm and creepy about it. Hope yo have a wonderful New Year also.

Take care!
From cold but finally sunny Montreal

I've already got big ears... I reckon I'll look like Dumbo by the time I hit retirement age (or rather, what retirement age will be by then, probably 75 knowing my luck). :P

We got our cats from the Cat Protection League here in the UK. So many pets get abandoned, or worse... and we're the nation of animal lovers, supposedly. :(

My only real resolution for 2010 is to get out and use my G9 every day... even to take shots of trivial stuff. Unfortunately, work situation ain't so good right now, so I'm not going to be moving up to anything else anytime soon.


After being on backorder for what seemed like forever, my M9 was finally delivered the beginning of this it and couldn't agree more. Here's to the New Year!

@colin: thanks, mate, you, too!

@fong: a lot of people still shoot film! :)

@matt: he's a nice guy, actually. i love the colours on the m9!

@riccis: i know i feel bad. i should stop by just so they don't hate on me. ;)

when i pack for a gig and i don't have to worry about film ... my god ... it's so much better.

@alan: by 75 you will be dumbo for sure. ;)

good on you for helping out some cats!

you can do well with a g9! here's to hoping '10 is better for you, mate!

@dan: yeah ... the other leicas sit on their shelves jealous of the m9. you like the peace-sign-lady, eh?

thanks, man!

@dtbsz: no, not hit by a prius, thank you, although in the past i was hit by a honda. in the rain. she was on her fucking cell phone and hit me at like 15mph. i kicked the side of her car in with my doc martens. ;) was funny, actually.

@ajovah: not ours, no. similar, though.

hope the days get more interesting for you!!!!

@richard: i really liked the creepy santa as well. there is something i noticed in talking to him that i had hoped would carry through in the photo.

happy that montreal is sunny!


@sdennis: good for you, mate!

here's to some amazing photos in '10 with the new m9!!!


glad you're back Chris :) wish you all the best in New Year !

Nhat Nguyen

Thx for the cat photo man. Fun read as always. I got a couple nail salons in the family,Let me know if your lady is in Studio City and need a mani-pedi ;)

Ranger 9

I had thought the whole barely-coherent Hunter S. Thompson-imitation vibe had faded out of the writing world in the early '80s, so it's interesting to see it's alive and well in the photo-blogosphere. Still, an obscene-rant-spewing M9 idolator makes an interesting bump in the Leica demographic!


i'm getting curious about your film !

i know how much work this is when you do it on your own.. i had 7h filming, ~40h cutting and ~30h postwork.. on a 12GB RAM quadcore Powermac... it's sick..

i'm doing another video in january/february... a lot of work i fear ;)

i like the look of the m9, much more than the m8.. i think it's harder to make good photos when they look natural. nowadays people have such skills in postwork and we see these perfect images everywhere... while the "natural" gets lost..

so it's hard to impress people with photos that have less punch but better content.. i think shooting the m9 will change your look in digital coming from canon that produce these "nice" looking photos.. while the m9 stays more "true".

one day i'll also switch to d-rangefinder... when i have the money (or sponsor ;))

cheers mate !

mister le

chris you are bad ass, awesome photos.

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