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15 October 2009


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ooohh so much yummy eye candy here.

Alex Ha

mj's angel...that is freaking wild. Bella is so cute!

Scott Alexander

Quite the bunch of shots! I love the shot of bella in the bath, and murph-shark and the table!

The shot in the.. walmart? with the old lady sitting on her walker is my favorite of the post

John Havard

So I was at a convention of some sort a few weeks back and ran into this guy:

He's clearly a REAL photographer. Interestingly, he shoots Nikon... at 15fps. Sounded like a machine gun.

John Ricard

Chris, it would be interesting to see your take on the specific rangefinder issues raised by Jeff Ascough in this blog post.

Fong Long

LOL! that mannequin dummy with the 'loose hand' is a classic!
we'll want to know is it Found or Staged!
cheers enjoyed another post as usual
more M9 please ... the M9 is nice but but but ...

C Weeks

@sarajaye: thanks, love. you're sweet.

C Weeks

@alex: i think i was on the phone as well when i saw that. odd that someone goes to hollywood blvd dressed as mj with wings and pose with you for a buck. odd.

C Weeks

@scott: it was target. there's a lot to shoot there but ... it's rather difficult. i liked that one as well but the murph-shark was my favourite! thanks, man.

C Weeks

@john: oh my. that's ... well ... i've never actually seen anyone wearing one of those. i have seen someone with one of these, though:

hanging from their neck. my dog could apply for this.

and get it.

C Weeks

@john: scanned it on the iphone. i like his photography a lot. i think that most wedding work -- apart from that highly stylized stuff i see way too often -- is beautiful. if what he does works for him, totally, do it. clearly whatever he does works.

that said weddings to me are no different than any other event and i still find rangefinder coverage -- especially now with the m9 -- wholly and more relevant than ever. they have their limitations for sure but i can guarantee the diminutive profile of my m is way less noticeable than one of the dslrs.

not only but ... whereas film is a bit limiting in the whole wastefulness kinda way ... digi ... i can make more photographs as i do with dslrs -- i don't machine gun and anyone who's shot with me knows this. in fact ... i find that i move my body a bit when shooting rangefinder stuff and do my normal triple-tap. the changing angle do to me moving makes some photographs even stronger than when i originally saw them.

i don't know if there's a reason to talk about the initial m8. it was what it was and i enjoyed shooting it in certain contexts. the m9 is a totally different experience ... and it will be on one of my shoulders permanently.

let the rest of the world only see it through canon and nikon. ;)

C Weeks

@fong: wholly unstaged. 20th century props is liquidating and we've walked through it looking for some stuff. i'm sure someone else staged it as the workers there didn't appear to have much time for that.

but ... but ... but ... what?

Fong Long

but but but ... oh yeah
just expressing that same feeling you get at with 'damn m9'


"damn i forgot how much i love film.

damn m9."

i knew it !!!!


John Lenneberg

@ Chris. Hi Chris noticed in that photo of B's steetshooting that she was using a 1.4/24 with an 8.2. Don't you need an external viewfinder for any lens under 28mm? Or do you have a solution/technique?



Scott Jones

Really, just some amazing shots!! The nocti never ceases to amaze and I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I love the shot of the guy in the bar . . . lighting? bok, ah I mean dof? comp? don't know, but love it! The shot of J wranglin' Murphy is another great! Just great stuff, thanks and keep 'em coming!!


B is turning into a beautiful lady and skilled photographer; J is just as beautiful as always, and great to see. Good to see you're still the same, too. Great shots; I can't comment like everyone else, because I don't know shit about cameras, f-stops, lenses, or anything... but I know what I like.

Made friends with Mr. Rockwell? That's cool. You're not as rough edged as you come across... well, not all the time, anyhow.

Love Bamboo, too... got a bamboo plant for my birthday (giant timber, not the "Lucky Bamboo" stuff). Planted in my back yard, and I hope it takes it over (it'll need help to do so, but I'm willing.)

Hope to pester you now and again, brother... still willing to carry gear for you, too. Probably pays better and less hassle than working for the Navy, I'd guess.


Hey mate: sorry to ask you here, not sure if your bbq email still works, don't want to spam.
Know you've mentioned it before, this thing is not easy to search: what's your opinion of the Zeiss 50/1.4 (slr)? Love the Zeiss lenses but haven't heard much of this one. Not interested in the pixel peeping crap, just your take on it as a real user.

BTW: daughter saw murph and bella, damn, now I've got to fend off her "want one!"! "murph-shark" is just amazing! Recently lost our mini shnauzzer, she always wanted a cavalier...

Richard Polom

Nice shots Chris! Happy to see MJ’s angel also :)
The shots with the nocti are great!

Take care!

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