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22 October 2009


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kim liong van dam

well spoken as always...
just after reading your post, i read this somewhere else:

A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures - they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: ‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove.’

hope you're not pissed anymore...


Yeah, what in the hell is up with Canon?! I agree-corporate BS, no doubt.
I made the decision to sell my Canon kit earlier this year and go all Leica and I've never looked back... however, if I ever find myself with a need to have a DSLR again, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Canon 5D Mark ll...I do miss it once in a while-usually when I want to go for a true macro shot or do some fast moving shots of the pups.
I just shipped off my M8 to a new home in the San Francisco area and I feel naked or something...I truly had a connection with that camera and hated to see it go, but it had to so I could afford the's on pre-order and I am trying to be patient...and talk myself out of the new Quad core iMac announced yesterday. Apple and Leica: my two guilty pleasures! ;)

Beto Ruiz Alonso

Hey Chris, just recently discovered this blog, I've been following you on DA for a long time, big fan of your work. Anyways, this comment doesn't have anything to do with your post (sorry) but just today I found out about this: and thought you might find it interesting. 40,000 negatives were recently found, from Vivian Maier, a street photographer from Chicago. You probably already knew, but in case you didn't, I found very interesting images there.

Keep up the good work!

Beto (from Buenos Aires!)

oh, and GO NIKON (mwahahaha, just kidding... actually not kidding at all, but y'know)

Jonathan Taillefer

Hey man,
I'm loving your posts! I am a very new reader of your blog.
I clicked on something that lead here a few weeks ago and next thing you know I'm checking out your web site.
I should be out shooting...

Thanks for your time.

Scott Alexander

There are very few things I would consider switching to Canon for.. but then again, Zeiss makes fine glass for nikon, no reason to want an 85/1.2 or some crazy shit like that.

I do however like that the 5Dmk2 will probably be $1000 cheaper than the D700x, whenever that drops..

Im hoping to make that my next body, should nikon's traditional "more expensive than canon" be waived for that model.. ;)

Heres hoping they dont opt for a battery change, (another canon peeve) and keep the grip I have compatible.

Ken HH Z

Great photos of M at DA...stuck with my little camera(it's a stretch to call it that,compared to ya'alls fancy gear)needs must till the House bonus money arrives....think UBER will ever be brought back to life???
Will put some house photos and further dog adventures as time permits.
Best to J,C,M and all!

Eduardo Frances

It is fucking unbelievable that the only well known shooter providing them with marketing material for their new camera is fucked up by internal disputes by two branches of the same company, after the 1D MKIII fiasco Canon should be focused on showing a prettier face to their costumer, not a cat fight between the USA and Japan branches of their company...

I think that with DSLR´s theres the thing recently that companies seem to be focusing R&D money from the photo side of the camera they are designing and assigning this money to bells and whistles that aren´t really useful, just look at the M9 that´s a "manual mode photography" done right, I mean I would prefer to see more R&D in things like quieter mirror mechanisms, even more prolonged shutter life (sports shooters and people doing assignments in other countries would be thankful for this to happen any time soon) or other stuff that relates directly to the photography part of the camera.

Dunno why but I can´t shake the impression that this camera is like a 1d MKIIN repetition (except this increased the megapixel count).

And for pete´s sake! put some talent to shoot those sample photos in comparision to what Nikon did with the D3 the samples of the 1D MK IV are substandard in any way:
D3 samples

Tom (person with camera)

Nothing to do with this specific post but I think you will love this :-)


I used Leicas for 21 years. Loved them. Still miss the 35mm Summilux ASPH. I shoot with Canons at work (1Ds Mark II and 5D Mark II) and my personal cameras are now Nikon. (I'm ambidextrous.) Nikons just feel good in the hand. Like my old film cameras. They work more like my old Leica Rs and Ms.

Hope Leica continues to improve the M system. I can see myself some day getting an M10 and 21, 24, 35 50 and 75 Summiluxes! Until I win the lottery, though, my choice will be Nikon - as long as they come up with a few fast primes. Otherwise, I may have to go to focusing everything in the same direction. :-D

Bryan Bowie

So, old friend from Uber!....Anyway, been following here, I recently ditched my M8 (kept my M6's, youll have to pry those from my cold dead maggot ridden hands!) and went back to Nikon, the D3s wasnt out yet and I ended up scooping up a D300s and some good glass....the HD video is like crack, I swore I wouldnt "care" about it, but its too fun and opens up so many possibilities its become a small but growing addiction, and after plunking cash down for a good mic, Im now ready to get a rig....I wondered if you'd heard any input on the IndiFocus rigs? They looked good, carbon fiber rods, affordable follow focus, some good accessories etc, just thought Id drop a line and see if youd heard anything, I sadly cant drop cash on a Cinevate system as much as Id like right now! (stowing extra cash for an M9)
Thanks in advance, hope Hell A is great! Im flooded over here on the East Coast!


i liked that read.

i agree. for me it wasn't the 1dsMKII but the 5d and 5dMKII that were the best cameras by canon. mainly because of the smaller size and less price. who needs 45 freaking AF fields ? and all these buttons.. all i need is what a M has to offer anyway ;)

just sold one of my 5ds cause i'm getting a MKII finally.. i don't get the 7d and 1dsMK4 with their crops.. that's the wrong decision imo. all the ISO.. for what ? to make night look like day ? i guess most photographers will ruin their atmospheres by using such high isos and fast shutters at night... it's better to capture this world like the human eye sees it.. in my opinion...

i'm not taking photos for humans not for owls in the end!


um. i meant i'm taking photos for humans not for owls... i'm sure you got the point.

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