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20 October 2009


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hype... ooops who would'nt have thought
more like 'crap-away-day'

I might have posted your dog eyeing that cake
saying the cake was a 1d mark something.something :)

great post chris hope your lots all well
you did'nt mention the weather there it's been very
autumnal here kinda cool for photos


i very much agree on what you said about laforet most recent "movie". it's mainly bragging about iso-speed - hardly anything more. the movie itself is senseless - there's nothing of interest but the technical aspect. on the other side, i found the nikon d3s clip taken in finland fascinating - it definitely opens up a new way of taking environmental films (NG and such).

still, i think the newest generation of slrs is not too much about six digit iso speeds but decent DR in the 1600-3200 region. i rarely go to 6400 on my d700 anyway but could use some more shadow detail at 1600 which the d3s seems to offer (not sure about the 1d mkIV). i took some pictures with a sample d3s and from what i can say (developed raws in camera) it's a 1 f-stop improvment meaning there's hardly any difference in tonal range between 200 and 1600 - which is my most often used iso-range.

besides, i tried replying on your last comment on my blog but the email adress wasn't working!


Great points there chris. Definitely agree with you regarding the need for crew. I'm currently taking a degree in film and heck, I can barely survive with a 3 man team, even for shorts.


"nor does a bfa in photography. in fact, a bfa usually means you can't shoot shit. just so you know. photos of trees and lawn furniture ... doesn't mean shit."
I'm sitting in my Fine Art Photography studio leeching wifi while mine's down at home, and looking around this rang depressingly true.

Loved the article man. Let us know when you can what magazine you'll be writing for, look forward to reading in print, although it will be a shock to see something by you written with capital letters being used.

Hope you're good.
From grey and rainy Glasgow.

John A. Stewart

Hey, the "guy who showed you can't put a full frame sensor into an M8" was in fact correct; the M9 body and the M8 body are different (check the posn of the lens mount), just to get around the problem "that guy" reported on. I think he did it to show people that the M8 could not be retrofitted with a ff sensor. Too bad Leica did not do this test as the M8 was designed; it took some guy to show how Leica got it wrong.

Keep up the good work - I really enjoy looking at what you shoot.


"...honestly, though, i don't know why people are so excited about 24/25p ... please tell me when you're gonna have this projected ... 'cause that's the only reason you'd want 24/25p. i'm good with 29.97."

You may be good at 29.97, but Europe isn't, since its entire broadcast infrastructure system is based on PAL at 25! 24p & 25p are completely seperate arguments.


Man your stuff about doing video with the 5d has really got me interested, that is, if I ever find still photography too boring and get into video. Then again, with all the shitty movies on the scene in my country, maybe I'll be forced to, haha. And I agree, doing the kind of stuff laforet does is impossible without an army.
Smugmug is a stupid name, but I kind of like what they are offering for the price, hmm. Then again, need to do more research in that regard.
Still love your posts, revolve they around street, video, dog, or just plain rants.


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