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20 October 2009


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Neil Domingues

Loved this, everybody who see's that video needs to read this blog.

And if it's dark enough that you need 100,000+ iso, I'd love to see somebody manual focus that properly if you can't even see your camera. I guess those sort of people are used to "pointing and praying" anyway.

randall slavin

i love it.... i just wish you would post more often. (I hope my shooting measures up.)

C Weeks

@neil: thanks, man. happy you enjoyed the fruit of my rant. 100,000 what the fuck? seriously, 6400 is useful. a good 6400 is really really useful but ... i'm good with 3200 and 1600 on my canons and ... my m9! :)

pointing and praying!

C Weeks

@randall: given how i feel about your work reading your comment meant a lot to me. thank you so much.

your shooting is spectacular and i hope everyone reading this comment goes and visits your site: !

wish i had more time to write. actually, i'm starting to write a monthly column for a british magazine. i'll let you know when it starts coming out! miss seein' ya' around, man.


Right on, brother! I'm more than happy with the M9 and Tri-X for my MP...

Dzu Nguyen

yea action shots like laforet's there definitely would require a bit of a team...but I think to film a sort of....more focused theme (like a dialogue or something) really wouldn't require too many hands.

Man...I think the video capability is tempting me to defect! Still nikon at heart though ;D

Chris Livsey

" i'm starting to write a monthly column for a british magazine"

Now that's much more exciting news than 100,000+ iso my UK side of the pond. Go on give us a clue, most are crap, BJP is earnest and sincere though but weekly.

Stewart Bywater

Nice post Chris – great timing!!

I'm trying to watch the Laforet video, but my connection is really slow today, so I'll have to look later. I'm sure it's impressive, no matter how many people he used though!

People who want to make films should keep in mind that Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi for $7,000 and that included renting a huge camera and paying for the film, so I'm thinking the equivalent would be about $3,000 if you've already got a camera that can shoot HD video. Personally, I find him truly inspirational (even if his films are a bit cheesy – but I like them anyway). He didn't have a steadycam operator for that film, he got his friend to push him around in an old wheelchair, and filmed the whole thing himself. What I like best about him is that he puts the 'five minute film school' extras on his DVDs. It's worth buying them just for that.

Anyway.. thanks for another great post. Hope the next one has some photos in it!! :)

Speak soon,



phew, us MFA graduates got of by the skin of our teeth in this one! Whats wrong with empty chair photographs infront of abandoned buildings. Original?!

I used to love watching people scowl at my old Canon 20D and ask me if I own another body. Then I'd go home, load my images and see the shit they had posted! A good camera aint no guarantee! Although I'd probably drop slightly less shots if I had a pair of 1Ds Mark III's.


Interesting stuff, man.
Love the story about you as a guest at some premiere. Exciting thing that movie business.

Stay safe and take care, Chris!


Oh and Randall Slavin is fucking awesome.

Eduardo Frances

I was talking with a friend about the Movie, image quality wise is nice, but apart from that there´s no much difference from what we saw in Reverie (lot of shallow DOF, "cool" music, no dialog) and you would kinda expect more since 1 year has passed since the 5D MKII and reverie.

I also agree that the fucking hype is too much in camera gear and the dreams they are trying to feed to indie film makers wannabe´s, As you rightly said you need a crew and more than a 1D MKIV or a 5D MKII or a 7D or a D3s or X camera with movie to film something similar it is kinda misleading to not be open about the process from Laforet side...

Much of what you see that has been added to the MK IV feels like what Canon did with the 1D MKII N, although I hope they got AF right (but the samples they hanged SUCK so much I dunno why the fuck they don´t hire real outstanding pros to shoot the fucking samples).

Congrats on the monthly column :)!!!

My best wishes for you and your loved ones


Never mind the name... I find that Smugmug's videos don't playback very well, at least on my PC here, with a tendency to restart if you move the mouse pointer over it... sucks, because that is what the guys over at Photofocus use for their tutorial videos... :P

Watched the Laforet film... meh. Looks pretty, but I think people are getting swept up in the ooh-look-we-can-make-pretty-movies-with-awesome-dof-and-shiznizz wave generated by the arrival of the 5D2 and others... I think videocams will still have a role for a good while yet.

Interesting to hear you're going to be writing for a UK photography mag... a lot of dA folks have been getting regular gigs writing for various CG / Photoshop / digital art mags, but I think you're the first person I know from dA doing writing work for a photo mag, unless you know different?
Editing in h264? I suppose you could, but I think of h264 as an output format, not an editing / archival format. Again, another case of flavour-of-the-month.

Mike Francis

Good post Chris, I am finding all your posts a good read and wisdom practical. Thanx

Sonny Thakur

We have a group of white men who shoot lawn furniture this side of the globe. What irks me the most is one of them has a whole fridge of 4x5 polaroid film and takes photographs only his mom would be proud of. What a waste.

C Weeks

@riccis: my sentiments and set-up exactly. doing a shoot for a fancy director and that's what i'm bringing, mate. hope you're well!

C Weeks

@dzu: honestly, i think you'd be surprised what "production value" looks like even on a dialogue-only scene or something else that seems "essentially simple."

i know nikon has some terrific video capabilities i just don't know which does what.

your camera really doesn't matter.

C Weeks

@chris: 100,000 iso. my god. it's like they're tapped out in the mp game so ... iso ... is next. in fact, i think the next thing will be emulsion emulation. ;)

i'll write about it when my first article is accepted. ;)

C Weeks

@stewart: ya' know ... never saw it. i've only seen two rodriguez films to be honest.

if you have a story-driven project with only a few locations, i think you could do something wonderful for sure.

that may be giving away too much on my end, though.

hope you're well, mate.

C Weeks

@ben: there's you, who'll i'll respect for many reasons, even though you have an mfa, and another couple friends as well.

um ... i just had a conversation with someone who shoots the 5dm2 and not one of the better l-lenses ... and he does covers of huge publications. i think it's funny.

i think we both know the work of some who shoot with the best, get the best access and are completely shit photographers, no?

C Weeks

@ajovah: that story will stick with me forever.

and, yeah, randall's amazing. stoked you like his work!

C Weeks

@eduardo: i liked reverie a lot because it was so groundbreaking in so many ways. it was like "the conversation" to me in that it was a mood more than a story. honestly, i loved what he did with nocturne, even though he picked a name which kinda plays into the whole vampire-loving thing going on right now.

i'm happy that he put so many credits at the end because if someone really pays attention they can see "you can't just do that" with you and your friend. impossible.

as much as i want canon to succeed i have a feeling the AF won't be what people want. just a feeling.

i'm ALWAYS amazed that camera companies a) hire such shit photographers to do their examples and b) give cameras to people like dpreview. ;)

hopefully the article flies. :)

and thanks for the best wishes.

C Weeks

@alan: i can't get past the name. kinda like deviantart but whatever. i like dA. ;)

i've seen very very few good pieces of content shot with the 5dm2. most are stupid ass focus-pulls of people on a street with stupid fucking music. in my opinion. ;)

that's cool other people from dA are getting gigs; there's definitely some talent there. like any site, though, there are plenty of dumbasses as well. ;)

C Weeks

@mike: thanks, man! glad you find it interesting!!!

C Weeks

@sonny: that's sad. poor poor polaroid film being wasted by wanks. :(

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