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14 September 2009


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only just managed to view the 'third video'
it's amazing to see someone take the camera so seriously
and as you say produce with it

I'm still contemplating the d5ii but this throws new light on
the subject

thanks for sharing looking forward to the future posts brings
greater enthusiasm the first camera I bought was an rf a kodak 1a

Chris - no mate - thank you for bringing the honest and direct feedback that you do. Love it - and as always love your images. Now 6 months in from my Canon gear being nicked - and switching to Nikon (yeah I love the focus - but miss the "feel" of my Canon images) I'm putting together posts and perhaps the dreaded friggin ebay to move my Nikon gear - get a coupla 5D2's with some Zeiss glass, and a looking to grab an M9. You suck. In the nicest best possible way. Darren is helping me through the discovery process of Leica, zo I'm looking at M3's also for the filmic experience - I really should have done this years ago - but hey - I didn't.

Thanks Chris.


uhm... I think Mr. Meyerowitz just taught me that street photos should be always overexposed... and that guy from the forum... jesus! I admire him, he could see how bad dynamic range the m9 has, just by playing with it at the launch party...

Sam Oksner

I can't believe these guys, reviewing something they haven't tried, and when they do try it, it'll be a review repeating the specs with no images to demonstrate the qualities or defects of the product. Apart from the fact that a review should be done after extensive use in a professional environment, under pressure, taking pictures of the house plant does not count!

I'm looking forwards to your review, for some quality insight on what you think of the camera (although that's quite predictable), but mostly for the little details that will go along with many images taken with the camera under a variety of settings. A review should try to convey how it would be for some else to be using the camera and how the results would turn out.


Seriously. It's so dumb. I was doing some research for the zeiss biogon 35/2. I stumbled across that onlinephotographer guy and he had NO sample pictures of the lens. I could care fucking less what YOU think of the lens. Lens qualities are subjective! What bokeh I might like, some might not find appealing. How about I look at some photos and judge whether or not I want to fork over the money to buy one instead of taking your word for it. I like your reviews because you include A LOT of pictures. Others just include at most 5 and expect me to make conclusions based on that. I can't wait for your M9 review!

Johannes Huss

You deserved those comments. Great work! I think there are a bunch of people now who'll experience a whole new level of photography after watching this movie, because it's so inspiring and one is virtually forced to go out to the streets and just shoot. Me included.

tanczos andras

Well, as far as I'm concerned about the m9, its another nail in the coffin of film. :(

I watched the street thingy, nice work. I understand people not noticing somebody with a rf, but the friggin' 5d in the back?

Serhat Kavas

Hey Chris!

Have you seen this guy ?

Blowing the flash on people face and capture it in the name of street photography lol!!! Yeah he is in the street that's the only right thing he says and do ahahaha

Cheers mate I love your work!

Riggs ( from Flickr )


As a comment to the previous comment by Serhat Kavas, I would really want to know if he has done the research on this guy, Bruce Gilden. Yes, a shitty documentary, and yes, he seems a bit strange. But whatever works for him, is the right way for him. What are we to say it's the wrong way of doing his work? I think his work is genial at best. See out for yourself! YouTube and Wikipedia are not usually the best way of introducing yourself to some artists work. My opinion.

And I think it goes with this Meyerowitz video also. It's complete shit, but the guy has made some really amazing pictures during his career. With the amount he shoots, and with the enthusiasm he seems to have for it, I think he is a great photographer. I bet he doesn't spend his time on any Leica forums, but shoots instead. My view on the matter.

And I do think people should give the Bystander: A History of Street Photography book a chance. I read only the most interesting chapters myself, and there was shitloads of stuff I didn't know. Maybe reading it like a novel from the start till the end doesn't work, but it's still a great book of reference.

- Tommi.


Well Chris (and the others) thank you for the video! By the way, since you mentioned that forum, have you seen this thread ? Oh boy!
Can't wait to see more photos!
See you soon, Carlo

James Dunn

nevermind. didn't work. forgot about the new limit since mine was made in 07 and not 06. whatevs. good choice on your part then. so i just posted about it for people =)

Arthur Mola

those videos were fucking amazing dude! in so many ways. i was really happy to watch them! that's so dope that you replaced one of your slr's with an m9. wow. the security code i had to enter when posting my last comment had "m9" in it. :P hope you're doing well man!

Mike Francis

Chris, did the canon ttl cord work on the M9? I am searching all over the place for something like this, didnt consider the canon.

Mike Francis

Lisle Tan

Thanks for the video(s). I hope it was as fun for you to make as I, and many others, found it enlightening!

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