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24 September 2009


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Liam Strain

Hah. That rocks. Those follow focus rings are crazy - I'd forever be hooking them on stuff getting them out of the bag quickly.

Scott Alexander

Very cool!

Earplugs right at the top, in a position of power, since they are most important. ;)


Your voice sounds completely different than from what one would expect based on the way you type.

Speaking of photo vests, I was at an anime convention last weekend. There was this one particular press photographer that proudly wore his photo vest emblazoned with "PRESS" on the front, and "PHOTOGRAPHER" on the back. He was shooting 90 fps with some Nikon gear. Even then, I know 99.9% of the shots he got were awkward half-opened eyes, contorted mouths and such because I was actually watching what I was shooting and avoided the crap while his machine gun was rattling away. I didn't dare talk gear with him, although I did snicker behind his back.


The Ken Rockwell comment ... priceless ;)


Dontcha love the camera the other way around? I love it man... just fun to watch you in all your techno glory!

matt jan

"What's in the bag?"

Made me laugh. Thought it was going to reveal the answer like every other movie on the internet.


cool vid. I know I should never really care too much what people whose work I admire are shooting with, but it's interesting. Like, I think I got a little more of an idea of how you apply your style by seeing your gear. Love that nothing has filters or caps, just grab and go.

Eduardo Frances

Glad to see life is treating you well buddy, I just did a mega read on your blog, the photos you took with the M9 are beautiful :) as always great job, if you were in front of me I would high five you because you donĀ“t go trolling about gear, you see them as they are: tools that have pros and cons and that you have balanced to allow you to work smoothly.

It is silly to see the internet clashes about how people go crazy for gear and how they are expecting new stuff to be released and going to the (brand) sites... with what is available is more than frigging enough :P yeah KR style with walls and stuff.

Congrats!, the interview buddy was great :)!


"Cause then then would think I'm Ken Rockwell or something." HAHAHAHAHAHA, Chris, you are the shit. (Nice wank pic too haha)

Just picked up an old used Hassy Xpan, man, loving it. Jealous of your M9. I need to pick up a Leica again, thinking a used M6 until I can boost the bank account enough to pick up a 9. Anyways, off to scan some more film, peace dude.

Sonny Thakur

"Or else you'll look like Ken Rockwell"
"Just Kidding"

You were NOT kidding! hahahah

Nacho Pereira

Great video Chris. Nobody can say that you're not well equipped!

Like I said before with the documentary: It's great to hear you and see you speaking.

I don't really have much more to say right now, it's really late and I've got to get some sleep.

tanczos andras

F4, huh? I still work with the SRT 201. Going zm and a 35 1.4 asph though next year, I hope! But the minolta is fine so far, too. Guess I got used to it.


My kinda guy, shoot wide open with ND filters. Necessary in this bright LA light.
Great stuff.

Sam Oksner

A friend just sent me a link to Ken Rockwell site, he usually sends me something funny or ridiculous, NOPE, today, the king wanker is linking to YOU!

Right under his piss poor excuse for another camera review. I just thought this was too funny.


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.


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With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

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