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16 September 2009


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C Weeks

that's what i love ... real photos made by a real photographer showing what a camera can do.

dpreview, paid reviewing sites by non-pros, others who have a bit of popularity online but couldn't make a photo to save themselves ... that's all you find.

thank you so much for sharing, man!


nice set! really love the second photo. wish i could afford that camera!

Thorsten Overgaard

Love the rhythm in the third photos along with the promising dress and the colors ;-)

It make me proud to be a fellow M9 owner. Ha ha. Love this little camera.

christian rollinson

i agree with meredith, i love the second shot, the expressions are priceless and the fat guy on the ups truck really made me smile, great stuff :D

Sam Oksner

Love the UPS truck shot and the airport shot. Thank you for just posting images that speak for themselves. Have fun with the camera.

Darren Abate

The airport shots have to be my favorites. Very nice.

Josh Ripple

great fuckin photos period

Y. Med

I love all your photos they are amazing!


nice, very nice shots! I especially like the UPS truck shot :D


Thank you so much for this blog.

I discovered it randomly after your comment on "Ken Rockwell is the Chuck Norris of photography", I can't remember where...

Whatever, your shots are just marvelous ! I like the whole set, both those made in color and b&w.

Richard Polom

Very nice work indeed!


terrific photos... makes me miss summer in New York City


so glad to have found your blog and photography. any upcoming exhibits in LA???


Fantastic shots-and not helping in my attempt to talk myself out of upgrading from my M8. Damn. ;)

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