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09 September 2009


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Nice one there dude. Really enjoyed the vids. Thanks!

Nick Dormor

Great stuff Chris - a video version of 'thwaap' - Loved it.

Interesting comment on how you are going to explore shots that you wouldn't have taken with film - looking forward to more excellent work.



Hey Chris,
I was wondering about the silence...and the images in that last post. :)

BTW, I think I spotted one of your Lynch photos here:;page=6;item=

Not exactly full credit given for that one...6th image in the series, in case the link is screwed up.

Have exams monday, so the videos will have to wait, but I'm looking forward to some more sage advice...and to seeing how the random cursing from the old PDFs is reflected in the new medium. :)

Do they let you keep your prototype camera when the testing is over?


the video is quite spectacular. Could you please contact me via email [carlos at echenique dot com] to arrange for a copy (in one file) to be sent to me so that I can show it to my photography students later this year?

Excellent work!

Carlos Echenique 写真家
Stagecraft, Fine Art, Landscape & Architectural Photography

Alan Ralph

I hear you on the video-transcoding... I do some DVD-authoring work as part of my day job, and our Mac G5 spends over half a day to convert a 4-hour video taken from VHS... :P

Great video... the 5D2 does a grand job... and now I understand a bit more about rangefinders... shame I can't really afford one... but my Canon G9 ain't too shabby... :) a lot of new options opening up now, with the new micro-four-thirds cameras, and more large-sensor compacts popping up everywhere... good times. :)

Nacho Pereira

Absolutely brilliant!

At least for me, it was great to see you all speaking, and taking photos in front of the camera, because I (and I think most of your readers) would never get to see that otherwise.

I have three comments about the video content. First, you didn't say "f*ck". Second, and most important, I loved the part when it says "it doesn't matter if you're in Los Angeles, Vienna or in Buenos Aires", because I actually am from Buenos Aires! I will take it as a wink to me, even if that's not possible hehe. Finally, I didn't think Severin would be in the video and it was a great surprise to see him there.

I envy you very much though, because you all take your expensive Leicas without worries to take street photos. If I did that here in BA (Right now I'm doing it with a Yashica J), I probably would get robbed in just a few minutes.


Darren Abate

Wow. Some seriously nice work here, bro. Mean that. Ace stuff. I know it isn't all to the M9's credit, either. ;-)

I wish I could have been walking around with you guys Downtown. Been busy as hell here the new desert that is S. Tejas.

I'm trying to watch your videos, but I'm going to have to wait til later today, because I'm uploading some HD material of my own to Vimeo and YouTube, and it's completely choking my connection.

Shooting motion is a world of difference, isn't it? Before I started doing it, I never would have thought that it would be so time-consuming.

Birgit Krippner

HEY to Chris and everybody else from New Zealand!

Since I'm a Street Photographer myself (and I'm getting the Leica M9 in a couple of days), I enjoyed watching the docomentaries a lot. I don't necessary agree on everything said but I don't have to, do I?
This lines are most beautiful: "Rangefinders will not make esthetically better photographs. However, they will. If used properly make a better photographer."

Chris - you should come to New Zealand and be our guest. There is some good Street Photography going on.

It would be great to hearing back from you.

Take care, Bixi

Stefan Rohner

""I am going to make more the photos I didnt make in the past""

??? funny, what has the caera to do with this? = nothing.

your M9 black and white files look pretty much like clean digital files from any digital camera.

best Stefan


great to see you post again man
can't wait to see your motion work
(and thanks for the link to alexi's blog. she's hilarious LoL)


beautiful pictures...the graphics more exact the colors are impeccable, you're slowly convincing me to get a M9 for myself...damn you ! :)

Jonathan O.

Real class art photos with a remarkable piece of equiment. And the video was nice too.


awesome post, looks like you put your time into this one, great documentary


Well, I'm glad you finally were able to show us the real deal. The pics are great thanks ! :)

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