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09 September 2009


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Awesome Awesome images!

they look so good!



Well done bro.
Good mix of action, stills and thoughts about the genre. Really enjoyed it.

And from my mum .. thank you for the picture of her little son.


p.s. waiting for some m8 pics to add em to the collection... haha ... never mind ;)

Thorsten Overgaard

Damn, I knew it!

I'm frantic here in Denmark because I haven't been able to get an M9 chrome confirmed yet and I just don't believe it. I have to get one tomorrow, and I have the 35/2 waiting for it here. The M4 will get stripped, ha ha!

Anyways, love the first part of the video which I just saw and have sent left, right and center to editors and camera store owners.

Proud to know two of the 12 people who got an M9 before everybody else. That video could start a boom in street photography. I'm actually sure it will. Much better than drugs and television.

christian rollinson

great to hear from you chris, so sorry to hear about your mate, very sad.
i've been looking forward to this video, all i have to do now is hold it on pause for an hour 'cos my connection is so shit out here!
the colours in those shots are wonderful, and i just love the sidewalk photographer shot, nice to see a few uberists too ;)
hope everyone's well

Conrad Duroseau

Hey Chris! It's great to see your stuff again mate. I certainly look forward to seeing more


oh, wanker's review on the m9 is amazing... he copied the info from the brochure very well!


I am one of those who read the PDF three years ago, convinced me to get a Leica and never looked back. Amazing. Thank you for making this video. It makes me want to go out and shoot right now!


I loved the videos.

And - although I know I'll never be able to own the camera - I'm really looking forward to more of your M9 stuff.


Chris finally you got it done, video ain't easy eh.
Thanks for having me be part of this, was a pleasure always. Congrats on your first doc brother.

Tyler (jtf-5128 on DA)

i bet i will have to pay a mortgage for the m9...sigh. i haven't even saved up for the 50/1.4! I love my M6 classics though...getting serious mileage out of em ;)

Sam Oksner

Wow, great stuff, it looks like the m9 is a hell of a camera. From the images, it looks like the camera just lets the lens' do the work that it should. The m9 files seem to have a clarity and a depth that is unlike traditional digital files.

The files also seem to convert to black and white very well, in a similar manner to very slow film in a high accutance developer. I hope that this camera is a big hit for Leica.

Could you speak a bit to the dynamic range of the M9, I noticed that shot you took at the Santa Monica pier with the crosses, i was there last may with my Canon 1D MkII and a freind's Nikon D700, and the dynamic range was very tough (white crosses, reflective sand, harsh shadows, strong sunlight... It looks like the M9 handled itself well.

So are you using the 24mm lux on the m9?

Great post and looking forward to the next one!


Great stuff as always! The video is amazing, and to think it was shot with a fucking dslr . . . insane! Well done my friend. Thanks for sharing!


The M9 looks great. How do you feel about it in the hands of non-pros? Phrased another way, do you think a non-pro could justify it?

Scott Alexander

It was a great little treat to see the dedication to Adam, I bet he would have loved it. The whole thing is fantastic, and I know everyone is hoping you release it as a DVD. Are you shopping it around to docu-specialists like discovery?

I was in a rut for feeling up to shooting street lately, but this has got me psyched again, thank you. I have a little Russian Rangefinder I am hoping works, with an old roll of film to throw through it.. heres hoping :)

Cheers mate

Mathew Wong

The vid is really awesome!! gave me more drive to shoot in the streets! thanks for sharing the video chris! you guys are the best!

Tabish Bhimani

F.C. 0 times. Really, fucker, you need to get on with the program.

Anyhow, I realllly lovee the open mic night photograph. Hope all's well! Come on Facebook, like Thorsten!


Geat work

Sonny Thakur

Great entry, finally the video.
I'd rather watch than read... :)Visual person here.

Great timing too, I was on a live action set assisting with the stills and shot in 5 minute windows while the live action guys took smoke breaks. We shot a total of 15 minutes in about 5 hours, luckily I had this entry to keep me busy.

Cheers from Wet n Wild Manila


chris, the video is so good. it's interesting to actually see how you guys could disappear into what's around you and not seem sneaky at all.


Heh! I just *knew* you'd be involved in the m9!
The last few months of silence were a dead giveaway.

Anyways: awesome is too short a word for this camera. Almost makes me give up film. Won't, but almost.

I thought I'd share with you my comment in the dpreview forums that about sums up my opinion of all "forum experts":

yeah. "experts". sure...

Anyways: can't wait for more stuff.

Wouter Brandsma

So many thanks for sharing Chris. Fascinating work!


Neat images, my preferred one being the one with the bike in the front and the shops with red walls on the back. Nice atmosphere.
Seems that this fabled M9 is doing well! I mean... really all the photos from the previous post are all M9? Wow, B&W from this M9 looks really good (at least from the internet...).
If now you do not want the 24/1.4 anymore I have an old film-frame M that could make a use of it... ;)

BTW, the most important thing: thank you and everybody who partecipated for the videos. I will watch them as soon as I will get off work! Can't wait! (is there a way to download them also or only streaming?)

Cheers from strangely-today-we-have-sunshine Dublin!

Josh Ripple

i remember watching tv the night DJ AM died, couldn't believe it. All this shit about MJ i could care less about, then i heard this and my heart sank. Started thinking about you and the shots you posted of him, had always been a fan of his. Sorry for the loss Chris.

The M9 shots look amazing, btw. Can't wait to see more.

take care.

Markus Hartel

well done - congrats for making this... and thanks for sharing!

man, I probably have to sell the bulk of my gear to get an M9...


Fantastic post as usual chris. Loved the video, congrats. I hope it'll prove to be quite the eye opener. Like you said, there's nothing that compares to shooting street with a rangefinder and nothing ever will. I truly wish I would have also discovered one much earlier. I'm very glad I did though eventually. It's all thanks to you and the many others who are active in bringing awareness about them. I owe you a big one dude...

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