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15 September 2009


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carlos larios


His B-day Party was dope!! Ralphie made a sick turntable cake!!!


Scott Alexander

I know how hard it must have been to write this post.. I put some of my photos up a while back, and my heart sunk while doing that, but I am glad you posted it.

The whole post made me tear up, but the video of him crowd surfing made me smile, knowing he enjoyed so much what he did.

Its still impossible to believe he is gone. I only knew him for a brief second, but with everything you ever said about him, it felt like a lot more, and I cant be any more grateful that I was privileged to experience that.

Thank you for sharing the elton mixes, I have been listening to coachella09 a lot over the past few weeks.

christian rollinson

lovely tribute mate, he seemed like a great bloke. i'll download that set you linked to and listen to it on the long drive home next week.


nice one chris...listening to the elton set, good stuff.

Darren Abate

Great set, man. Wish I could have met him.


Adriana M. Barraza

What an awesome tribute to Adam! He obviously impacted your life and it shows! Awesome shots!
I never got the honor but thanks for sharing a glimps at his life!

Jason Chaney

A fitting tribute my friend.

When I heard about the plane crash you were the first person I thought of, and again when I heard he had died. Adam was one of a few people I feel I got to know through your photos and words. A little insight into who he really was, beyond the public persona.

You have a gift for showing the "guy/girl next door" side of even the biggest celebs. Thank you for that.

Terry Zumalt

Man Chris, when I heard the news the day it happened you were the first person I thought of. I knew the impact it must have had and still does on you. I was going to email you, or leave a comment on another post but I figured it was inappropriate and that at some point you would make a post about it.

Just want to say Im sorry man.

I didnt know him but I do know the feeling of losing loved ones that are very close to you.

take it easy


wow, listened to what you read, listened to his mixes, wow
he seemed fun and is really really talented and loved what he did
thanks for sharing

James Dunn

Wonderful tribute, I remembered that you knew him when I heard. Also, I put your videos up on youtube giving all credit where credit is due so that more people can see them. Here is the link, They're still being processed at this moment but if you'd like me to remove the videos, just let me know and I'll be glad to take them down for you. Thanks.


He never smiles. At least his eyes don't.

Lorenzo Levrini

The best obituary I've ever read.

Arthur Mola

great collection of photographs man. i'm sure he was extremely happy to have had so many great photos of the happy moments in his life taken by one of the best photographers out there. i was really looking forward to seeing the dj am/travis show one day since i really like what they put together as a duo. the elton remixes are sick btw, thanks for the link!


Peace to both of you...
He has some great mixes thanks for the link...

...possibility's and creation is infinite when "time" doesn't exist...
p.s. Your video documentary is great... inspiring... thanks


I'll be honest, a project for a friend introduced me to your work (and your coinciding personality). Both are fanatstic. My friend is a big fan of DJ AM and is crazy about your black and white photo of him with the lights shining down on and rising up from him. Is there a way for me to compensate you for a print of that photo or the verbal/email/kharmic "ok" to aquire one? No need to post this since it's less of a comment and more of a request...

Account Deleted

He seems like he was a great guy. The world needs more people like him and I'm glad you could meet and be happy with him. But after all, we all have to go some time and I guess this was his.

unrelated: did you know your photo is listed on wikipedia for him? this photo


superb stuff chris, just passed by today, will have a longer deeper look tomorrow.

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