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04 August 2009


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Sonny Thakur

thanks for the entry.
It made me get off my arse and is forcing me to update my "column" as well.

Cheers Mate!

Scott Alexander

Buying stuff from British Columbia?! I thought you industry types boycotted.. ;) Kidding of course. I cant wait to see the short.. is it your script?

I love the color series at the end.. is it film?

Clicked, faved, and rated Corey's video.

Cheers, mate.

C Weeks

@sonny: no worries. i like doing them, actually ... it's just the time-thing. @scott: i don't give a rat's ass but i have friends that really get pissed. yes, the script is mine. thank you on behalf of corey, man!!!!

Tabish Bhimani

DOODH! miss commenting on your blog. we should catch up soon. i love this collection.

and your F.C.? ZERO! thats a record, it reallly is.


Finally you post man! Been like 2 months or what?
Anyway its great to hear some news, hope everythings alright.
Sorry to hear about the weather. Its all pretty cool here although some days are hot as fuck.
Cant wait to see your short video/film, i bet its awesome.

sleeping man under tree is prize-winning, fyi


Great shots Chris... happy to see some new stuff and that you got to hang out with Sev. Mentally I’m still in Tunisia... its incredible how things change when you come back from a trip like that, and how things that didn’t piss me off before here in Montreal annoy the shit out of me now. On the plus side, got my scans back and I’m really happy with the b&w ones. Will post them soon Facebook and probably a blog on wordpress.

Loved your shot where you partially see the street performers, very creepy yet loved the fact you chose to show only that portion... very cool!

Hope you’re doing well and getting better weather :)
Take care!

Brad Carson

The 5d2 is pretty good for time-lapse -- throw a tilt-shift on it and it looks pretty cool. I gave it a shot, was dumb and didn't use a tripod though, so I won't show anyone as long as i live.

I'll find someone with a better video...
They used a tripod i bet...

I know you're not retired, play bingo and have all the time in the world, but you should give it a shot sometime. Maybe on hollywood blvd, watching people do weird things... i dunno.

Thanks for the post. It's stupid how good your photos are. The one with the violin ... gosh. It's good to see some humans in your posts too =P

Glad you're doing well,

Cheers from the Midwest

Nhat Nguyen

Great shots man. I see you dared and ventured out to the Westside ;)


oh dude, I love that typical California photo!!
good to have another one of yout "columns", It's always a pleasure to read an watch!

james jay

right on man! good to see new things!

keep on keepin on in this hot weather!

it sucks in the AZ...



Hey Chris,
I've been following you since dA, going through uber and stuff, I left a few comments sometimes, and sometimes I got replies, I'm sure you won't remember that since I'm not pretty active on the comment thing.

I just wanted to leave that occasional commet that I was talking about, and I think I'll do it more often:
It's great to see your blog entries, I enjoy them a lot, like severin's, or bernhard's, or charlotte gonzalez's entries. Though yours have way more words, which is great since I've been learning a lot of photography tips from these entries (and a lot of hollywood crazyness).

I recently created a flickr account, since my website is down, and I hate dA and facebook. I added you as a contact, so I guess I'll be seeing you there too.

from Buenos Aires.

Timothy Nolan

First, Hi J!

Second, my friend Chip sez nice things about the 5dm2.

And you RF nazis are gonna invite my F5 to the land of lala someday, right? :-P

Dat biznatch sev and his equipments!


Quite nice to see you are still alive! The weather down here in Austria isn't much better - either raining like in a movie with bad FX dpt. or so hot the brain is melting like vegan marshmellows.
Nevertheless though I'm also captivated of the 5DMkII since Rob Sheridans NIN footage - - but are really ready to take on the laws of Traub? ;)


I love that photo of the guy laying under the tree!
Can't wait to see your video(s)!

Jeff At

HAHA Chris awesome! The stuff your posted from Cinevate (top video) is from the studio I work for Still Motion. I dont do the video work but I shoot still. Such a great group to work with.

C Weeks

@jeff: thanks, man. looks like cinevate works with some good people for sure! :)

C Weeks

@humansare: i made that photo because he looked like he was sleeping rather than just "being homeless." i can't wait to shot the video! :)

C Weeks

@dancingmad: sorry to hear about the weather in australia. vegan-fucking-marshmallows... that's hilarious.

rob's video's pretty good. interesting that strobe or flash really screws with the sensor. what are the laws of traub?

James Dunn

Well this is my first visit to your blog and I'm feelin it. It was weird because after thinking that I prefer color images so much over b&w. Once your shots moved from monochrome to color in this post, I found myself missing the gray =) Wonderful photos though. And I can't wait for the update to that street photography for the purist. I really enjoyed it and it made me buy a rangefinder, which is in transit right now (although one I won't name so as to avoid the
"not a proper rangfinder" blasting haha) *cough* poor man's Leica *cough* No but thanks for sharing the photos and knowledge. Much appreciated

Jay Gannon

Hey man,
I heard about Adam, Im sorry I know you knew him well.
Pass on my condolence to friends and family and say a few words for me at his memorial if you get to it.


Florian D.

Great stuff, I would loved to join you there.

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