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17 June 2009


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Scott Alexander

Too many fantastic photos to point out anything specific.. Love the lizard and puny humans tho!

Glad to see a new post, I know arthur is going to have one to share with us pretty soon too..

Hope that swine-cold goes away soon!


Good to see new stuff. Fisher in the water is the best I think. Now I want to go to Mexico, the water looks so nice. Chris, have you tried Rollei Pan 25 as Apx 25 "substitute"? The right stuff for the fast 24 on your mp i guess ;) I think I'll try some when the sun's comming back to Germany. Greetings

C Weeks

@scott: thanks, man! hmm ... looking forward to what arthur's got, too.

i want it to go away SOON!

C Weeks

@spanishjonny: thanks!!!! the water was pretty nice, actually.

yes, i've tried the rollei pan 25! i have so much apx 25, though, i can't justify shooting anything else until i've used most of it up.

happy to hear there's sunlight in germany!!!

Thorsten Overgaard

My favorite is the girl on the sidewalk. Just is.

And I'm not going to comment on the M8.2 (he he) but the 24/1.4 looks great. Have my M lenses down at Leica for cleaning and upgrade for M8.2 though it's not going as planned (they don't have spare parts for such old gems)

Dmitry K

Great stuff as always.

That crock is cute now, just give it some time and things will be a lot different.

Man the Silver Lake here look way different than there.

My fav pic of the post has to be the guy in the street with tinny dog.

Hope all is well. Peace from the kinda mild Toronto.


chris: yeah sometimes we have sunlight, mostly it's just dark and rainy so i'm rarely able to shoot 25 iso pan ;) but i think the film is very good! as i said, i need to go to mexico!


Been following your work for a few years now (since you posted that great shot of Jack Nicholson on dA) and really enjoy your work and technical acumen.

Great shot of the lizard watching the swimmers on the beach at Tulum. Was there 2.5 years ago for a vacation (resort) and skipped to the town for Xmas services. Agreed, the smaller towns are so much better than the big Cancun.

I'm heading to Greece for a few weeks. What would you recommend for a fast lens on a old Canon SLR (I'm shooting slide film, mostly Kodak Ektachrome 100VS). Pondering a 50mm f1.4...

Cheers from rainy Vancouver BC


I know diddly about photography but you must have extremely bad taste if you are hiring "wank" to do your wedding photography. Me and my little Canon SureShot could do a better job and I'd charge less. I.D.I.O.T. As for you, beautiful pictures as usual. I could look at them all day long - you have a great eye! Thank you so much for sharing. (P.S. Is the water really that beautiful greenish-blue?)

Ivan J.

Thanks, Chris.
I've been waiting for a follow-up post.

So glad to know you're coming around to the digital M (although that crop is bit of a c*nt).

Wank lives in my hometown. MY goddamn hometown. And he's no one I want to emulate when it comes to weddings.

Got any links to a better wedding photog to glean from?


Was about to go to bed when i checked here and saw a new post and suddenly felt awake...

Got to agree, id like to see your pics in their true size, bet they would look even more awesome than they are now :).

Have to point out the lizard pic. Its amazing even though its in colours.

Uhh i guess ill go and try to get some sleep now.

Yeah, im satisfied so post again soon and take care!
And send me one of your M8s haha :D.


Matt R

Lots of good stuff in this post, Chris, always glad to see it.

C Weeks

@thorsten: you're in good company with the favourite. just got a private email. thanks, man.

the m8.2 ... i thought you loved it??????

the 1.4/24 is indeed spectacular, man. damn!

C Weeks

@dmitry: thanks, man. love it when photos happen like that.

we saw what time can do for a crock; they were like 11 feet long. not only ... but you could literally walk among them. i'm not sure if these bastards were on drugs but ... they were totally docile.

what does your version of silver lake look like????

C Weeks

@spanishjohnny: hope the weather clears up for you to shoot some slow stuff. and ... hope you get to go to mexico; it's pretty amazing.

C Weeks

@carlos: thanks for the follow, man. appreciate the fact you enjoy what i do!!!!

more people should go to tulum! skip cancun as you said but definitely go to playa and tulum.

i'd go for the 50/1.4; in fd they're practically free!

C Weeks

@lara: what wank does is typical for "his genre." technically, he probably knows more than most. problem is he doesn't have an anticipatory bone/sense in his body. that's why his type stick with landscape. that's what they should never be hired for weddings.

thank you, by the way.

at least you didn't call me paparazzi. ;)

C Weeks

@ivan: glad you liked it.

you live in la jolla?????? i'm sorry. ;)

a real wedding photographer is sean:

that is diametrically opposed to the kind of shit "the wank" and his ilk try and pass as wedding work. ;)

hope you like that link better! ;)

Dan Powell

I was going to say you were kind of an asshole to that photographer, but then I thought about it.. no. ;)

I've been noticing more and more that my 50/1.4 is real soft wide open. Lots of CA action going on too. Do you think I should go for an 85/1.2 or 1.8, or the 50/1.2, or that Zeiss 50/1.4 that you seem to really enjoy? Or should I just stop it down and buy a tripod? ;)

Glad to see more work from you! Always a source of tremendous inspiration.

PS If I ever got married would you shoot the wedding? I don't think I'd want to take my chances with anyone else.

C Weeks

@ajovah: sorry i kept you up, mate.

dunno why but i really like that lizard/iguana photo, too. those iguanas are pretty cool.

wish you lived near enough to see the photos large. i can't put them up on the internet big, though.

send you an m8! yeah. okay. ;)

C Weeks

@mattr: thanks!!!!

Stewart Bywater

Hi Chris,

Awesome stuff!! I love all of the shots in this one, but my favourite is the supermarket one.. I've always loved that sort of stuff!

You're right – clowns are just wrong!! †-(

I feel another bout of camera and lens envy coming on! :)

Nice work mate,


C Weeks

@dan: me be an asshole? come the fuck on. ;) that guy was a dick and i had to shut it down. not only ... but the bride and groom wouldn't have gotten shit unless i did something. ;)

the 50/1.4 canon is a piece of shit. actually, i sold the 85/1.2 because it's not as good as the 85/1.4 zeiss. i think you'd be very happy with the zeiss 50... i use it all of the time!

you wanna hire me? all good. just let me know when! :)

C Weeks

@stewart: thanks, man. did you see the asian woman i shot whilst picking out something at the market? dunno why but i really like that one.

clowns are more than wrong. you ever meet a happy one?

funny you should say that...


and i'm working on "that other thing."


Ivan J.

Chris -
No, not La Jolla - San Diego.
I'm not even sure that douchebag lives in LJ himself. Looks more like an Escondido @sshole, truth be told.

Thanks for the link to Sean Flanigan's site. Mind-blowingly good.
Goddamnit. I'm gonna spend the next few hours just soaking in that site.

And, I also agree with Thorsten - the girl in the middle of the sidewalk is definitely my favorite. Something about that moment captured immaculately and authentically. Does that even make sense?
Yeah, it does.

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