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22 June 2009


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My editor and toronto photographer were there when he got punched.. shame tho that since fergie was inside, everyone had to put away their cameras..

I think he deserves it, and I probably wouldn't take a shoot for him, but money talks, and I wish I was in a position to tell him to FO.


I wish he'd said it to Russell Crowe. He would have been romper stompered.

Dmitry K

LOL way to go Toronto Police.

Where was he bleeding, I think he needs a better bunch before he can complain. And then he'll at least have something to show for.

And I never heard of this guy till your blogs but he seems like one big ass.

Peace out from the not-helping-perez Toronto.

Mark Greenmantle

I'm with Matt on this one, if only he'd said it to Russ, seeing Perez beat down with a PABX phone would have been sweet. He's the scourge of the entertainment scene.

Hope all else is well for you mate, I've been incommunicado due to just keeping up with client needs of late. The net connection at home is dead so I'm only getting online when grabbing coffees and uploading shots to clients now.

Christian Rollinson

what a wanker, karma will get him mate ;)


Oh wow. I've never heard of the guy, probably because I don't follow celebrities or anything, but damn I just saw that video of him 'describing' the situation and already I loathe him.


nice post !
the 24 summilux ... you bastard ! :P

love the comment about lightroom haha.. a few years back it was "i can do that in photoshop too".. now its lightroom, tomorrow its something else... whatever.. there is always one way to do it right and that it with the lens or film not the software.

booking flights to L.A today ;)

cheers sev.


As much as ive seen him on TV he has always looked like a douche to me.

And that Winterview with Allison Harvard was great lol.


I never really knew about that Perez Hilton human, if you'd call him that, until I started following your work.

What a waste of fresh air. I'm feeling a wave of empathetic anger welling up inside of me. Me and a mate got harrassed by a homosexual scene kid a couple of years back, for no reason other than to feel good about himself, he stopped once I held him by the collar of his shirt and told him that if he ever said anything rude to us ever again I would break his neck. He was fat and gay aswell, throwing insults to people he didn't know.

I agree, it's never ideal to succumb to violence, but I'm pretty sure if Will.I.Am said "Well you're a straight" in return it wouldn't have effected him, or anything for that matter.

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