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04 May 2009


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Pete (f-hole)

Loaded up with cheap pork at the butcher's yesterday. I dig the swine!

hmm... adds neopan to the shopping list.

Arthur Mola

sick blog- sorry, column- man! really loved the photos as always and the commentary is great. love the last bit: "because i can." total old school weeks attitude!

that doll exhibition is creepier than that frame you think is creepy man.

if only mexico could sue the mainstream media.

what do you mean nothing is indigenous in LA? i thought that was the land of the pure and natural. :)

glad to see new photos!!


i love the upward gazing puppy profile... and i love, love, love neopan. i even like the way fuji has self-adhesive strips for the exposed film. ;-)

Eric Boe

The picture of the GF and spaniel reminded me of what I said to my old, newly wed office mate - it's a great thing to be able to go home after a hard day's work, pet the wife, kiss the dog. He said, yup.



thank god this info-demic is starting to decrease here!! hopefully it will be gone soon...

I loved murphy's photo with neopan... lighting is just amazing!! m. is such a lovely dog

cheers mate!

james jay

nice photos loved the one with the bird and the last one the most.

keep up the awesome work as always brotha!



Love how well that leica glass performs when shooting straight into the sun. What settings were used in this?

Scott Alexander

The guy on the chairs outside of Macy's reminds me of a shot I wish I had more time to make, and faster glass, of course.. ..

And without security already breathing down my neck.. ;)

The shots of Murph are always fantastic, especially

The whole set is great.. Its good to see you are out shooting more street, and have time to post it!

Hope you are well brotha!


Awesome post as usual Chris. Loved that easter bunny shot. I wonder what these 'good things' are going to be like on dA... I want uber back damnit!


Good shit as always man.
Really like the photos this time.
And i saw the picture of you that Angelo took, you look just like this one guy i saw on the bus today...
Ok well get back soon cant wait for some more news and pictures.
Take care ^^

David Morlock

"i could just post photos and not really have a commentary ... but ... it's my entitled right ... to say anything i fucking want to. just so you know."

The photos are great, but the commentary definitely adds to it. Keep them both coming.

Tom Walsh

Nice weather in LA huh? It's been POURING in oregon. Buckets. Thousands of them.
I really should get out and shoot it. I like Brian Webb's taipei rain shots.
Wonder if you've seen him...the new street GM?

Anyways, nice photos. Love the last one.

Do you think Rockwell reads your blog?

Miguel Ortega


If you love pork so much why not just email me up and shoot by Boyle Heights. You are obviously so close when your in Silverlake. So it's been about 2-3 years that I have been telling you about the carnita's, just go further down Sunset till it turns to Cesar Chavez. You wont regret it.


matt jan

Ingredients Of A Classic Chris Post:



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