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06 May 2009


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Great pictures and an interesting read Arthur.
And I have to say your girlfriend looks amazing.
Well good luck and stuff!


Great to see your pics!! Incredible, as always! Love the shot of Cory and the drummer. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

Sam Oksner

Great post and keep up the good work! I love that shot of your grandmother and her son (i suspect), they have the same smile and it's so full of the great energy that was present in that moment.

Totally jealous about the Bruce Springsteen although I got to shoot him as well when he was in LA a couple weeks ago... I would love to see that concert again to get some more experimental shots that I wasn't able to focus on the first time...

Scott Alexander

Sick set mate! I love them all, i cant even pick out certain ones to comment on seperately!

Thanks for the shout out brotha!


great ta see you post man

that's what i miss most about uber, keeping up with the folks i met on there

great photos, yo! :)


amazing post bro, i really love your photos! I have to say that I lost track of your work, and now that I watch it again I'm just astonished

Arthur Mola

@Ajovah: Thanks for checking it out man.
I have to say I agree with you about my girlfriend! :)
Good luck to you too, all the best!

Arthur Mola

@Jonesy: Thanks man, I'm really happy you like them! That photo of Corey and Joey is one of my favorites from the night!

Arthur Mola

@Sam O: I totally agree and I've always loved photographing my grandma ... she's always been really full of energy and she's very photogenic. I found some black and whites of her from when she was in her 20's and they were incredible. Really love old photos!

Where did your Springsteen photos go? Would love to see some! We had to shoot from the mixer on a riser which always sucks but it is what it is - maybe I'll post some in my next blog, the photos were actually pretty cool!

Thanks for checking out my post man!

Arthur Mola

@Scotty: Thanks a lot and no worries about the shout out! Thanks for the camera! :)

Arthur Mola

@Pat: Yeah man, it's been a long time, but I'm happy to be back in to it and have some more time to do them. This year has been so crazy with school and work combined but now I have a lot more free time since school is done! Thanks for the words, glad you liked the photos!

Arthur Mola

@Aldo: Thanks so much! I'm not surprised you lost track - I kind of was MIA for a minute but I'm glad to be back in to it and I'm glad you're still checking! Hope you're well man!


You've got some nice photos man.
Like people said the second Slipknot one is my favourite from that set.
That one of your Nan in the lift is great, her expression is priceless.
My favourite from all of them is probably the shot of your girl's legs on the bed. I love mixing daylight and incandescent like that. Nice focus too.

Oh, and of course that first cat photo. Can't beat cats.
Well, you can but it's pretty cruel.
Oh man, that was bad.

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