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27 May 2009


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carlos larios

Ooooohhhhh!!! You are gonna get it! LOL!!

Douchbag? Fucker. I might be to most people, but not to few;)

Great job in taken a stupid photo of me. ha!!
I do look like a douchbag. ha!! No Ed hardy thou. Never the shite.

Cool blog, except for that photo of me;)


matt jan

I love the word 'Fannypack'

Check dis

Thorsten Overgaard

Love that Hollywood Boulevard shot of the magic hour. When is that, morning or evening (looks like morning).

Your wrapping light set-up is interesting. You should post it to Flickr or Facebook and tag each item so I can steal all of it. That's one great thing about grip-town (Hollywood); all that knowledge about gear and light.

Should I ever have a PA, it would be a light man ;-) to paint the light for me.

But man, you're sour old bitch ;-) to read.


f22..... Oh, my :/ I don't think I've gone above f5 in... i dunno; frightening.

Don't worry, the people who matter or think they matter and agree with you, like you for your snarkiness and negativity, bald airplane photos and street :)

We all knew you had feelings deep down...

+ the photo of Carlos is priceless!


C Weeks

@model-turned-designer/photographer-carlos: hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahsah!

when did you get rid of the ed hardy stuff?

C Weeks

@matt: that's pretty damn cool, man. thanks for sharing the link.

did i use the word fanny pack?

C Weeks

@thorsten: believe it or not it was evening. i was kinda shocked. i don't see the sunrise often.

there's grip equipment in every country! we do have a lot of it in l.a., tho. if people just bought some stands, arms and a few other things they could do way better than what i see them doing with flash/strobe.

angry? come on ... you know me better than that.

i think you're older than me. ;)

matt jan

No I dont htink so but you wear (used to?) one dont you?
I dunno why, sometimes when I read a blog of yours the word fanny pack pops into mind. Yes that's strange.
Great photos as usual sir. Thanks for reminding me what I need to do this weekend.

C Weeks

@cassie: don't get me wrong ... there've been situations where my iso wouldn't go low and the sync speeds were too low (e.g., d1 nikon) and i had to shoot at f/16 or f/22 just to avoid blowing out my exposure.

i wasn't shooting dogs or babies, though. most of the time it was like the oscars or some other bullshit day event. ;)

thank you for agreeing. :)

deep. very deep. they don't like to surface much. ;)

carlos is generally priceless. ;)

hope the raman treated you well.


Hey Chris, are you going to be having a play with that Voigt 50 f1.1 when it comes out? Any chance of a bit of a review like you did with the Voigt 35 f1.4? I'd love to hear your opinions.

Sam Oksner

I tried that software as well, the jumping man by HCB got a 2.8 the first time i tried it, it got a 26 the second time. Random number generator. Out of curiosity, i showed it 100% black image, score: 86!

Nice shot with the new 15mm, will you get to try the new CV 50mm f1.1? It probably won't have the beautiful look of the Noct, but it looks like a nice lens none the less.

Per your advice, i went out and bought some ZF glass (the 50/1.4) and i am in LOVE! It's not the sharpest lens in the world, I'm sure some pixel peerer will say that it's 0.0002 degrees less sharp.. bla bla bla. The zeiss glass renders like nothing else and it's just stunning on efke 25 ASA!

Love that shot of the legs sticking out from the dry cleaning, it takes quite an eye to pick up on that stuff as one walks by. Great shot of M too, some windows with a bit of fill is all one needs.

The shot of the shoe is interesting because it sort of breaks all the rules. In the middle, a bit too small, but it works well, and the lines in the concrete are just enough to bring the eye in.

Can't wait to mess around with a freind's 5D MkII when the firmware gets out. Manual aperture, shutter speed and ISO. No more ND filters and locking exposure... Should be just about perfect now

Great post


C Weeks

@matt: i use this waist bag. it's made by northface and not meant for photo gear but ... i get two flashes, two lenses, spare batteries, cf cards and my car keys in it.

it's a funny fucking word for sure.

perhaps we should all switch to vests? ;)

C Weeks

@marcus: dunno if gandy will cough one up given the abuse i may have given his 28/2.0? something like that. forgot what lens it was. i don't recall it scraping anything.

that said, i'm sure i'll get a go with it. looking forward to it, not that i need-need one. my nocti has a look i like.

C Weeks

@sam: the kid jumping got a 23 for me. i think this may be a joke and just using a random number generator, actually.

love the fact you loaded a black image and got such a high score!

i'm sure gandy will let me check out a one-one for a bit. i'll probably have to promise to be nice to it, though. ;)

happy you like the zeiss glass; it's amazing.

yeah, i have an ocd-observant eye. always nice to see you got-it-got-it when the scans come back!

always break photographic rules. always.

the 5d will definitely be perfect when they come out with the 24p tweak and the mike tweak.

glad you enjoyed the post, mate!


inspiring as always chris
just saw this article linking to your gig on
sp by rudy rucker

I have to open ever posting to check muck
that's taken up by the sensor on the D5 which
pisses me off no end if this is oil would
the cleaners eventually be reformulated if
it can't be fixed

I'll be doing a fata and 'coming to la' at some
point don't know when yet

C Weeks

@peter: thanks, man! just saw that link. didn't come up on my google alerts though. odd.

can't believe that oil. fucking canon.

happy you were inspired, mate.


The link to my letter to the douches of Acquine is here:

To put things in perspective: I have never written such a letter before. My blood is still boiling.

matt jan

Canon is a bit of a squirter hey... Kinky.
Fannypack also another name for a$$ $ex...

Vests, nah man, I'm bringing back cargo pants, fat knee pockets make my waist look slimmer.

I just roll (in an ironic post modern sense, because I'm white) with the most boring plain black canvas satchel, with a coat or shirt over the top.

Reckon the Zeiss 50 one-four is worth investing in? I just bought an old school Cannon 50 one four for a fifth the price... And I've got a 35 cron. Any other lenses you'd suggest trying/buying?


"pissed off wank one more time: check.
pissed off the onlinewannabe: check.
made fun of that stupid-ass-aesthetic checker: check.
pissed off the strobists: check.
pissed off those who aren't repped: check.

yeah, my job is done here."



I'm in love with how film renders the tones inside shops.
The one of the lady picking out food, and the one of Mario and the guy in the resturant thinking.
It's stunning.
Nice photos though. Happy to hear you didn't pick on us art students!
Ha maybe next time.
The one of those window cleaners was my favourite.
And didn't you post those first two on an earlier blog?


Shit, i dont know what to say...great photos as always.
Really like the dark feel of those 2 pictures you took with the Voigtländer and ofcourse that sweet spaniel photo is so adorable.
So yeah, cool.
Post again soon and take care man!


i would expect any program written to gauge "aesthetics" to be written with a certain audience in mind, and that audience wouldn't be aesthetes. put a popular da photograph into it, and i'll bet it will score high! kinkade paintings are wildly popular. this is the way of the world. ;-)

Eric Boe

So, when are you going to shoot a roll with that old Hawkeye and bulb flash in the upper left corner of the dog studio shot? If I had more money & time and less sense, it would be strangely appealing to use one of the old Kodak box cameras as a shell for a digital. Let the poundsworthy (a UK phrase I heard once for a rent-a-cop) freak out over my old Brownie 620.

I'll agree, Gandy is pretty cool. Ask him if you can borrow his MP. Not the new one, the old one. If he hands that one to you, you know you're cool with him. I couldn't believe he brought it to the Carson show last year. Damn camera is probably worth as much as my used vette.

So, as a good friend once advised, go fog some halides.


I give you the third highest rated photo on acquine:

Fucking brilliant! Keep speaking the truth good Sir!

Darren Abate

Software that grades your photos? That is at the very top of my stupid shit list, right above Bratz and Myspace.

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