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24 April 2009


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Christian Rollinson

i really don't see how you can make it through life without one of those dog-bubble-blower things, i just don't, and 'christmas trees against walls' are this years 'fence', didn't you hear ;) always love your bus stops, and i particularly like the last shot. glad you're well.

Liam Strain

Hah - always fun explaining holdovers from film terminology. Like trying to explain why it's called an unsharp mask, when it has the effect of sharpening... and how to do that in the darkroom.

Some nice frames in there. The Sandwich place shots, especially struck me... dunno why. I was expecting it would be old dudes ears with the 24, but that's not where I kept going back.

Finally have nice weather here in Chicago. If I ever finish putting together this client proposal, I'll hang out in the hammock on the porch with a glass of something nice.


love the fabric/flower/toy/whatever districts in LA.. and skid row, of course. nice to see some more street shots from you! 80's in Chicago today.. enjoy the LA "cold" :)


Two things:
One, your flickr link needs fixed - it has "http://" repeated (only telling you because I wanted to be nosey and check out the page, not to be an editing nazi);
and Two, these are so much more interesting than any Mayercraft pics. :P You seriously need to do a book and include your comments because they both coincide so nicely together. A coffee table book but so much more amazing than a coffee table book because people will actually look at it, rather than it sitting and collecting dust. Just sayin'...

Tom Walsh

I was going to stop by Amoeba on our way back from Indio.
And I was trying to convince my friends to spend a half an hour on venice. always wanted to shoot there.
But we really wanted to get on the road.

good post. loved the photos.

C Weeks

@christian: i know. i think i should have bought one as i don't think there's anything more joyful to add to one's life. bus stops always get me. hope you're well, as well.

C Weeks

@liam: i know. that term always perplexed me as well.

honestly, i liked those sandwish shop photos, too. the ear-shot, though, dunno why ... perhaps it's because it's perplexing how a lens costs that much. ;)

hope you get that glass of something nice!

C Weeks

@clayton: it's very close to some bad areas for sure. the wholesale district in general a few blocks down is even worse. i don't want to make photos there as i don't really want to show that part of my city.

80's in chi-town? jesus. you got our heatwave!

i got lazy with posting my work ... it's there ... i just got lazy and busy with work!

C Weeks

@lara: link fixed. thanks!

ya' know ... you're the third person who's told me to do that kind of book. hmm...

thank you for that as well!

C Weeks

@tom: it's kinda hard to shoot in there. i pointed the iphone at something and the dude was like "i'm not interested in being in the photo." i respect that.

only in that he caught me. ;)

thank you, mate, happy you enjoyed them!!!!


Great as always Chris.
What i really liked was the picture of the old man with big ears.
Enjoy the warm weather and i hope you get well soon.

josh ripple

does J ever smile for pics? i've seen her smile maybe twice now.. heh. Great to see some more pics and not just chatter ( i do love the chatter by the way )


Some damn good shots here Weeks!

Reading the comments I have to agree with the book idea.

Could have a rad wild design stacked full of your favourite images and comments on them and the subjects in general etc.

That would be excellent methinks!


Stewart Bywater

Hey Chris,

Great 'column', and I love the photos. You seem to be spending almost as much time in bars as I do!

Mario's shots of Coachella were amazing too. Thanks for posting the link!

I especially love the shots of the guys in the shop, the skunk's bum and Murphy and his new friend!

I agree.. I think you should do another book! How did you find blurb for that? I downloaded the software to do it, but then realised that I don't have enough good photos on a single theme yet, unless it's just based on randomness!

Can't wait for the next update!

Best wishes,


matt jan

I just realised again how much my job sucks. Thank you Christopherness.


Lovely shots Chris!!! I miss having churros :) The one with the white hatted guy made me laugh also, sooo on the other side!

Happy to see you r work again!
Take care!

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