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27 April 2009


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Danny kagle


John Thawley

Nice insights and great advice.

John Thawley


Good article, thanks.


Ive read quite a few stories by Thorsten, he has good points and takes nice pictures too.
Thanks for posting this interesting article.


Great read and beautiful pictures! Thank you Thorsten!

Carli Bauzá

Thanks for the post, Thorsten!
I usually find myself reminding myself of some of the tips you write about here, so reading about them is very refreshing. I completely agree with your implicit point that the subject must be respected and not taken.
Being a photographer works the same way as being a friend. There is that exchange of energy between two (or more) people that works best when there is an atmosphere of trust across the camera, and that "safety zone" has to be created by the photographer, starting with the real intention in his/her mind, which is then reflected in the way the approach is made. I believe that (with perhaps some exceptions) a photo should generally be treated more like a legacy than a trophy.

Great pics you've posted as well. Thanks again for another piece of your mind!

C Weeks

and you say i'm angry.

jesus. ;)

interesting read, though.

Arthur Mola

this was a really thoughtful article, thorsten. thanks for sharing!

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