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10 March 2009


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C Weeks

@Mark Greenmantle: people who are openly and notoriously mean to their animals are total pieces of shit.

yeah this horseman beast is way different than shooting in a club. that said ... i like to shoot this bitch wide-the-fuck-open, too. ;) i find people are easier than dogs in this context. focus. insert back. close shutter. cock shutter. remove slide. make photo. return slide. remove back. there is an aesthetic with it shooting people which i haven't experienced before, though.

digi with it would be amazing. hmm...

cheers man!

C Weeks

@Nimai Wong: thanks! glad you still enjoy it!

thank you for the links. just opened a new window! very interesting. b/w 4x5 film they don't have here... hmm...

wonder why we don't get it here.

C Weeks

@Rastislav: guess i'm a sucker for them when they look like that! ;)

happy you like seeing the world through my lens!!!

thank you!

Jay Graham

Hey Chris!
Hope all is well.
Just found a link that I thought you might be interested in.
Dunno if you know about it yet...
It might mean NEW Polaroid film by next year.


Stefanie aka intrinsicvalue

The fridge down sunset is classic. You couldn't write that stuff if you tried.

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