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10 March 2009


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Christian Rollinson

20 rounds, that's fucking astonishing! i had someone who was going to cancel today because their kid had 'a spot' hah hah, imagine that! beautiful sunset, we don't have sunsets this time of year, we just get a fucking set ;)


Amazing pictures as always man...was so waiting forward to this, glad you posted D:
Hope to hear from you soon again, keep shooting !

Mathew Wong

Crazy shit man, the japanese rape game. Porn is legal in Japan, I think. Not sure. A friend of mine saw like DVDs/Magz being sold in their airport...or so he says. Give it to the Japanese to think of bizarre/extremely bizarre stuff.

Great photos Chris! Love the street shots. Every thing looks so different in black and white...the good kind of different by the way. I rarely get to see REAL black and white photos getting published nowadays. And yes, I would most definitely agree that Severin Koller is an excellent photographer. He has a different way of "seeing" things out in the streets or wherever he is. I've been also following his work for quite sometime. Kudos to him.

Randy Moon

I miss Randy's doughnuts


Great reading your latest "column" (ahem, heh). I know you're extremely busy but I always get a kick out of reading your updates and seeing your photos.

Michael Kaiser

nice bl... column, dude.

I dig the mariachi guy and the man with the fridge.

the "processing" of photos for magazines and newspapers is a depressing topic. you would not believe what I experienced in my own paper as of late...


Seamus Travers

Great photos, looking forward to the 4x5 images.

There are a lot of people on DA who would be into that game, like all those people on the popular section.

In the UK and Ireland the version of that shitty photo studio chain is sad that company makes millions, any Photoshoper on flickr and DA could do better, and they recruit from flickr for minimum wage of course.


Blogs, as a name, never did anything for me anyway, but it was too easily accepted for it's "cuteness" as a term and then stuck. Fucking thing. Cute like puke.

Hey, Chris! Nice to see your travels and what'd caught your eye. So many great things in here, as usual. Congrats on reaming that fucktard who left the dog in the car. I would have liked to have gotten a shot of your correcting the size and location of her asshole. I might have even kept that one to myself... well, I'd have given you a copy, of course!

That guy pushing the fridge down the street. Awesome looking, but my creepy ass first thought that someone shoulda stopped him and made him open that shit up. Who knows how many bodies or blocks of coke he was transporting. Best place to hide shit, as you know, is right in the open.

As always, I'm digging it all. Might be getting on a plane soon to be in L.A. for a couple of days. If it works out, and you're around, I'll buy you a drink. And Murphy something to gnaw on, too.

Hope you're well, man!


Love the fact you get dust on your scans too, and that you're loving your V700, I have one too and absolutely love it (even if I get dust sometimes - cleaning it before each scan is a must :P), love how it scans my medium format and especially 35mm b&w (you can check some of the scans out on my blog (hate that word as well) - ). Also love the fact you took your time yelled at the owner of the dog in the BMW, irresponsible pet owners piss me off.
I envy you the summer temperatures, man :) Can't wait for summer!



Nice as always. BTW that old dude doesn't look so strong, I think you could take him . . . ;)

james jay

why do my posts never show up here...


Mark Greenmantle

Lovely shots mate. I hear you on not liking the word blog though I always associate it with geekery rather than emo. You're too fun loving to be perceived at emo anyway, never slow to express anger or disgust at things that are inherantly wrong (like rape anime or non working shooters doing 'reviews')but I never expect to see a post from you starting out with "My l1f3 is ASHES!!!" *laughs*

I am very glad to hear you gave a good yelling at the abusive BMW driving dog owner. Pour a steaming hot coffee over them to let them know how their trapped and hot dog feels - fuckers.

How nice is that Horseman setup? An Australian photo mag editor took one to the US but used a P45 digital back on it and claimed it was the sharpest damn image he'd ever seen. Haven't heard of shots being 'too sharp' out of the camera before then. (mind you, kinda hard for me to imagine too sharp when I spend most of my time at f/1.4 in nightclubs with dancers and drunks - LOL)

Hope the family are treating you well and you enjoy the warmer weather. We're really looking forward to winter over here.

Nimai Wong

"and who pushes a refrigerator down sunset boulevard?"

Hahaa! Great capture!

I don't know about in reality.. There's a great movie "In America" where in the scorching summer heat of nyc, the frustrated father of an Irish immigrant family hauls a huge air conditioner unit down the street, by a rope, against traffic. It was rich.

Glad to see some street work from you, thanks for sharing! :)

Hey by the way, I use a 405 back as well, but I'm thinking of picking up a PA-45 (full 4x5 pola holder!) If you don't want to fly to Japan to find a cheap one, this place brings them in:

Haven't ordered from them yet, but besides the expensive prices, it looks pretty legit. Maybe that is what makes it look legit. They also sell the 4x5 size B&W film packs which you cannot find in the US.


Honestly I'm a sucker for beautiful sunsets so the first one totally got me! And I loved your shot of Mary Kate, great stuff Chris. As always you make me happy when I can see your world through your lens(es) ;)

Hope you're doing well!

C Weeks

@christian: i've never had that many rounds. i think 7 was the most. and of that 7 i didn't do the last 2. puts things in perspective. ;)

you just get sets? hmm...

C Weeks

@Ajovah: thanks, man! appreciate it!

C Weeks

@Mathew Wong: i think it's interesting that i even see things differently when i shoot a particular medium ... b/w with a rangefinder being my favourite.

good things from sev for a very long time.

C Weeks

@Randy Moon: because it's your own name? ;)

C Weeks

@Koga: yep ... busy ... but i still enjoy doing one of these every week or so. happy you still enjoy reading it, mate.

C Weeks

@Michael Kaiser: thanks, my german brother! i mean ... you and i have walked some streets ... you never know what you're gonna get. a dude with a mariachi outfit leaving a vacuum repair ... another dude with a refrigerator going down the street ... a weird-looking street urchin in amsterdam at 02:00 wanting to kick our asses. ;)

what have you seen at the paper?????? lemme know, man!

C Weeks

@Seamus Travers: um ... that site is ridiculous ... jesus.

looking forward to sharing some of the 4x5 stuff. the aesthetic of a portrait with that format is very interesting. seeing as how i used that format only for product adverts in the past. it's pretty amazing.

and, yes, i'm sure there's probably a whole forum on dA about the rape game. sad.

they really hire from flickr at minimum wage? that's disgusting.

hope you're well, mate!

C Weeks

@Shane: friggin' blog and now "tweet." makes me laugh.

wasn't going anywhere near that fridge; don't want to know what's inside whatsoever.

when you're here email me!

thanks again for the comment!!!!

C Weeks

@tzaj: beautiful stuff in venezia!

yeah ... i know ... i'm just so not into scanning. that being said this thing does amazing medium format and large format scanning. will have to try 35mm as well but ... the lab does that so i don't see the point.

irresponsible pet guardians are assholes! ;)

cheers man!

C Weeks

@Jonesy: thanks, man!

C Weeks

james jay: this one showed up? dunno what you're talking about. i mean unless you're coming in from a banned ip, of course. ;)

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