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22 February 2009


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As always nice photos Chris and really the Zeiss is a gem! You know it is sad that this happened to Rourke, I mean just a few days after I read an interesting interview where he explained how the puppy helped him to overcome his problems and how much of a companion the doggy was -they even went to train in the park together- My dog whiskey has been with me 9 years and I can't really picture my life without my dog, we are too close...

Love all the photos dude, but Penelope she is stunning! :) I love her elegance!

Talking about the 5D Mark II, have you seen this: it is obscene... they are bitching because the 5D MKII failed in ANTARTICA... I wrote a bit about the stupdity here and my conclusion is that they are whining idiotically, I mean they expect the 5D to survive in that fucking ambient... a camera which isn't fully weather sealed as the 1D MKIII or the 1Ds MKIII... and to put lemon to the injury they used lenses without the rubber gasket to seal the sensor chamber... Kool aid... they all drink Kool aid now...

My best wishes for you and your loved ones, it is great to see you blogging again!

Be well!!


C Weeks

@eduardo: thanks, mate. dogs definitely augment our lives in so many ways.

thing is about the luminous landscape guys is that ... whilst mildly talented ... none of them are "working photographers." i find so many wanks landscape-oriented. ;)

the 5dm2 is us$2500. it's amazing. i know many many many working photographers using them daily. perhaps it doesn't live up to a landscape wank's needs.

you be well as well, mate.

Darren Abate

Thanks for the kind thoughts about Boogie, brother. I'm starting to feel a little better, but it's hard getting over the loss of the little guy.

Regarding the Zeiss glass, I love it so much that I'm replacing most of my AF lenses with it. The only two L lenses that will be retained are a 16-35/2.8 L and the essential 70-200/2.8 L IS. I have fallen in love with MF all over again. After a couple days getting used to it again, and replacing the stock screens in my bodies with precision screens, I have discovered that I am more accurate with the MF lenses than with the AF lenses, and it is a serious difference. Even at 1.4 or 2.0, I'm running about 95% focus accuracy, even with run-n-gun shots, compared to about 80% accuracy when I leave the focusing up to the camera. I always knew there was a reason I love the Old School. Primes all the way.


Great pictures Chris, gotta love your job... ^^
Hope to see some more of your work soon, take care man.

C Weeks

@darren: i could only imagine.

i'm finding exactly what you're finding, mate! dunno if i'll replace the 24-70/2.8L because it's so useful and kind of required for some jobs. that said ... my ambient body will only have a mf/zeiss lens mounted on it.

primes all the mother-fuckin'-way, man. for sure. you should have flown out for that l.a. audition!

Clayton Hauck

everyone is famous! ;)

nice to hear from you.. been a while!


awesome stuff mate! glad to see a new post from you.. I love the accidental light too, its why i never shoot with a flash unless I absolutely have to.. I keep hoping I catch other peoples light, and im getting pretty good at it!

Love your shots of Rourke, and yes, you can tell he is grateful for his recent success.

I really admire the feel you capture when you catch malkovich in your frame lines. The frames of him made by you are some of my favorites of your work mate.

Cheers brotha


cheers mate, nice stuff. 85 is wicked!

take a break! come to australia. i know we're backwards but we're not bad. better than 'a red state' ;)


C Weeks

@clayton: yes, for sure.

yes, it has! :) felt good getting a blog out! :)

C Weeks

@scott: thank you so much, scott! very nice of you to say!

C Weeks

@morgs: isn't that 85 amazing?

australia! i know ... i gotta see your country ... heard so many good things about it!

Mark Greenmantle

Hi mate,
that was actually the first bad words I had heard about the 80 1.2, had no idea you'd sold it. I am very keen on the shots you're nailing with the Zeiss though! I'm not doing a great deal of manual focus shooting at the moment as much of my current work is in light low enough to trip over chairs, drunks and other odd club goers on floors.

I hope the family are treating you well, furry and non furry family ;)

When will you ever get to come to Australia? *poke*


Nhat Nguyen

Great shots my friend. Like the one of Alec Balwin and Rourke walking in. I see the 5DII + Zeiss is your new go-to camera.
I rode right by the tent on the coast path where those paps were standig when I thought of you.

C Weeks

@mark: i don't hate that lens at all, mate. love it. it's just i love the zeiss more and there's no need to "collect equipment" when you're a working photographer. wank can collect. the luminous landscape wanks can collect. ;)

very well, mate, thank you. i hope the same for you, too,

hope you don't trip over any shit in the dark!

C Weeks

@nhat: thanks!!!! the 5dm2 with zeiss loveliness is for sure my goto now!

C Weeks

@Ajovah: thanks so much!!!! very nice of you to say!

Pete (f-hole)

Hmm... 5D MkII and some Zeiss glass... nah, I'd have to sell a Leica!

Looking forward to your film scans.

Cheers from and another vote for Australia. *poke*


hope you had a wonderful sunday. lots to like here. really, really like the lens, too.

Tom Walsh

Nice shots. that 85 looks great.

Malkovich looks very different in the photo of him.
I saw his "The Great Buck Howard" at the portland film festival yesterday. It was a great film :)


@Chris: Amen Bro ;)

Sonny Thakur

Been waiting for a blog post from you forever. Seems like all the work is keeping you tied down. Completely understand, i'm working my internship and am already feeling the effects. (I'm supervising the production of the school's solar car to race in aussie land).

The zeiss 85 looks stunning man, you're doing a great job convincing people to get one... ;)

P.S. No more LA this december... I'm headed to Paris to find myself. Take a break and lets kick it there.

cheers from toasty Manila

Alex Ha

That accidental light photo is beautiful! Your love for the Zeiss 85/1.4 made me go out and try the 50mm. Went to the store and put the 50 on my 40D. It just rocked my world! I almost want buy the Zeiss 50/1.4 over the Canon 70-200/2.8 IS now...with my monopoly money. One day though! :)

Keep rocking on!

Seamus Travers

Good to see you posting again.

The Zeiss 85 1.4, a dream lens indeed, I mean if Zeiss make glass for NASA, it's gonna be quality.
If you process B&W yourself it works out (in Europe) at about €0.09, although the real cost is the time in doing it.

By the way there was a photo from your Uber blog, of a crowd outside a shop (maybe a market) and a guy walking by with a UCLA t-shirt, you should re-upload it some time.

Christian Rollinson

i always love your right side of the barrier shots, fucking love ones with the 85, it's like you're invisible! my fav is the shot of claire danes laughing walking away from the line. give a leica to 30 paps and 30 chimpanzees, and see who gets the best shots ;)

Mark Greenmantle

I hear ya on that not wanting to collect tonnes of gear and just keeping what you need to work. I've got mostly a few key primes now and most of the time the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Morgs sold me doesn't come off the D3. Nikon would hate that!

Yet to trip over anything in the dark in a club but I'm working on it. Overdue to drag Morgs in there too so he can play with the lights there. Well, that and time to get the lad drunk. I'm keen to see how he uses light in there. I've ditch the flash in favour of an LED torch! *laughs*

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