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20 February 2009


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Philip "flipo"

Good look behind the scenes Nhat! Nevertheless the mix of b/w and color bothers me a bit. Congrats to the new page, simple and clean just the way I like it.

rock on bro


Very cool nhat! Ive seen samples of their work, here in Vancouver at GGGarth Richardson's studio..

great documentation


Nice and interesting pictures, looks like a cool place.
Oh and wheres Chris?


I laughed at Dead Kennedys and Celine Dion sharing a shelf, classic.

Christian Rollinson

i bet you made straight for the kenneth gorelick section heh heh. interesting stuff mate, i love seeing the creative process involved in making stuff like this. glad you made a lucky escape with the bike incident! i wasn't so lucky when i was a kid, but i made the fella who hit me put my mangled bike in his car and give me a ride home after i sent the ambulance away. needless to say, after the adrenaline wore off, a week in hospital followed.

Nhat Nguyen

Thx Flipo. I like clean photo sites myself too.

Nhat Nguyen

Ajovah: Thanks. Chris has been busy with award season here in LA.

Nhat Nguyen

Marcus: Yeah who would thought ever seeing Celine Deon and the Dead Kennedys paired up in any way at all!

Nhat Nguyen

Scott: Jewel Box is the best shop around for these award records. There's a couple more around the country, but they are the go to shop for the most creative and unique ones. They get orders from all the world.

Nhat Nguyen

Christian: No Kenny G records in sight! Can you beleive it, everytime I turned a corner, I thought I was going to see it, but made it out unscathed! Man, sorry to hear about that bike accident you had as a kid. I thought I was dead meat when that car headed straight into me. I yeahed the loudest I ever yelled because there was really nothing else I could do (no roam to evade or even time for that matter). The driver was really sorry as he we talked when he pulled over. I said "You almost killed me" and he "I know. sorry". I told him to be careful and that he should pay attention and not listen to his ipod and headphones when driving. We shook hands and it was all good.

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