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27 January 2009


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Remember this well. Hope you are doing well Nhat.

Darren Abate

Beautiful exposures! The wider shot of her on the wall is my fave.
The detail shots are especially slick.

Nhat Nguyen

Hey Matt. I am doing good. I am going to post the shots from our day over at the gold record place.

Nhat Nguyen

Darren. Thanx man. That wide shot was the best one from the portrait set I think. I saw your gear list for sale, I am tempted by the Epson rangefinder.

Scott Alexander

Great set Nhat! exposure at the show was fantastic!

Nhat Nguyen

Scott, I inherited great lighting from the production crew that setup the show. They had a really good lighting designer and he made sure I had enough light to handhold. It's rare to have a production company bring in the still photographer in the process.


i love female voice ever!

Mark Greenmantle

Lovely captures Nhat! Interesting to read that the production company catered to your lighting needs. It is rare to see that done but I've been lucky with that a few times as well even to the point of getting to consult on stage lighting to assist giving the singer better gig shots.

Nhat Nguyen

Mark: Thanks for the props. Yeah it's always fun and good to work with that production company, Mutiny Circle. Walter the lighting designer and Rick the producer are very inclusive and supportive. Props go out to them. Always a joy shooting with them.

Stewart Bywater

Nice shots Nhat, and it's nice to hear from you again! I miss Uber!!!

Nhat Nguyen

Hey there Stewart. How goes it on your side of the pond! I hear ya, I do miss Uber too. I took some away from being online after being online on Uber practically everyday. I've been in the process of redoing my new site, using the Drip Book this time, they have a good site export tool. I am going to be more active on here. Took my break from online life but now I am back. Great to see all the family names posting entries and blogs on here.

Nhat Nguyen

Gjorgi: I agree about Jewel's voice. Wonderful singing voice. She's good. She just walked in and was ready to go, didn't need the 45min warmup that other singers need. She sounds just as good live as she does on her recordings.

Sonny Thakur

Really wish we had a community like Uber again.
Great stuff as always Nhat! Great stuff from the production company as well, I really appreciate people who take in to account stuff most people will disregard right away.

Cheers from Toasty Manila!


Great shots Nhat!!! The colors and contrasts are very nice! I especially like the third to last one and the last one. Beautiful!

Nhat Nguyen

Thanx Richard. Shooting shows, lighting wise, is always a mix bag and I never know what to expect at a venue. The production company was very inclusive of me, a rare thing really, so I got great lighting! But you know one thing that flickr is good for is venue research. Before shooting a show, I do a quick search on flickr and you'll get a bunch of fan cell phone photos and I can at least get an idea of the the stage lighthing.

I got your note on Facebook about the 50mm lenses, I'll reply over there.

Christian Rollinson

some damn nice shots there mate, it helps that she's pleasing on the eye ;)

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