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29 January 2009


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always good to remember 'home' in the most interesting sort of ways-- later days


A very interesting read Nhat... indeed Vietnam has come a long way since the war. I can imagine how that must make you feel. I’m supposed to go to Vietnam next Summer 2010 for a three week vacation, that will turn into a photography trip :) much to my g/f dismay lol. I’ve always been fascinated by your country, there are many Vietnamese here in Montreal and I’ve made some great friends when I arrived here in 83. Back then all immigrants had to go to a special "reception" course to learn French and English. Anyways long story short, I met many Vietnamese and from other neighboring countries. It opened my eyes to a whole different world and culture... can’t forget to mention how amazing your food is also.

By the way, I’m going to Vegas sometime in April. If you’re ever around let me know.


Nhat Nguyen

Richard. Exciting to hear you'll be in Vietnam in Summer 2010. If I am there then, the we meet up halfway around the world. My family and I had to attend citizenship lessons here in the US to learn English and become citizens back in 1985. Vegas in April eh? Have you been Los Angeles yet? It's just a hour flight away or 4 hour drive.


The Pentax bodies aren't bad compared to equivalent priced competition. In fact, I have some upper end Canon bodies from the 90s that feel like plasti-junk compared to the K200d and K20d.

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