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13 January 2009


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Great to see a blog! Thought maybe you had given up on that, which would be a tragedy! Beautiful work as always.

carlos larios

Great shots!!! About time you put something up..... I was starting to think....... ha! nothing. I am bad!!

I love the one of the empty stable..... a little sad to me.... but beautiful...... but when I think about it....
it also reminds me of my old job.... ha!!! Mixed thoughts i guess.... ha!!!

Brilliant stuff as always, cerdo!!!

Your buddy,


D s Kagle

seriously man thought you died you never hit me back on that note on deviantart If you find some time I know your busy

Sara Jaye

love love love the empty stable pic - delicious shadows & contour.

Darren Abate

I love shooting at the track. Venda's mom trains race horses, so whenever her ponies are racing in SA, I love to sneak back into the barns and shoot the behind the scenes happenings. The M6 and the Mamiya 7 II are my bodies of choice for that. Horses love rangefinders.


great series Chris! love the photo of the horse stable and the one after that.


it would be great to have some exciting medium for posting photos
up here I know flickr is kinda lame
horses always have that energy thing :)

can't wait to try the mkii

Arthur Mola

sick photos! i'm really excited for the street book- i think i will pick up a copy of that!!!

and the prints! let me know when those are ready to buy!

so jealous about the 5dm2 being 2,500 ... that's crazy. if only nikon could learn something from canon about how to price their bodies! the am/trvs video looks amazing ... i could see that on mtv!

love the gold fish photo.

and interesting pictures from the track ... loved that little series!

glad to see some of your photos again and i'm looking forward to the next post!!!!

Sonny Thakur

I'll have a copy of that street book please.

Glad your FM3 is going to someone who makes good photographs. Just sold my D70s to a stranger and God knows what he's doing with it. Sold all my Nikon gear as well hoping to get the 5DMKII today with a 24LII, but because we live in the third world, I'll have to wait a little longer for the 24LII which should come in by the end of the month. Made sure to stock the fridge (with hp5, not food) till I get my new gear.

Justin Lee

hello, been lurking behind the anonymity of the internet since uber days.. but wanted to finally say that i really enjoy your pictures..was beginning to think you gave it up so i thought this time i'd say something, hoping it'd motivate you to know there are people like me reading but not saying anything. anyhow keep the posts coming!


i just saw the beverly hills chihuahua trailer and thought... Where is chi?

nice photos as always, can't wait for the book also!


The ones looking down are checking the horses' back muscles as they pass to choose who to bet on. :)
I've been to the horse races last year while I was in Rome: it's a surreal world for one who's never been there. These little traditions, people consumed by the bets or just by the hype of the race, wonderful horses...
Anyway, it's nice to find a blog with new photos!


nice blog and photos.
talking about winter, here in prague is all frozen, so, yes i´m pretty jealous about weather at you place:-D
looking forward to new entry, btw that shot of m is amazing...


fuck your watermark,

that is all. i'm into that 85 zeiss. that image is creamy like butternut squash soup in da'summatime.

Sam Oksner

Great stuff chris, i particularly like the shot of the dude at the track with the binoculars. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the 5DMkII's ability to capture sound and deal with crazy changing light. I am surprised however that Canon hasn't provided a firmware update to allow aperture control without having to trick the thing and use ND filters.

The 85 ZE looks brilliant, can't wait to see more.

Christian Rollinson

love the goldfish shot mate, hope things aren't as hectic and you're getting some time to chill. oh, and a happy new year to you and the family ;)

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