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08 December 2008


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Great post as always, you never cease to amaze!

Your wank hatred always brings out a laugh!

Great T's btw!!


is focused on murphy's eyes instead of yours. ;-)


The bearsuit photo's great.
And I have three little somethings for you.


Dan Powell

Yes, the click/drag is amazing, though I can sometimes get annoyed with the click sound. I like the four-fingers-down for expose too..

On a photographic note, I was very impressed with how you nailed the focus on the cowboy shot. I'm a big fan of the one after that too. Did you see the Ken Rockwell comment in the video I linked you?

james jay

nice as always good to see some photos...

and that last pic is hot hot hot...doggy looks skinny though...greyhounds are such beautiful animals...

but i must say the family with kids in vegas i like alot...

ok now got to go...keep doing your thing chris!


Cassie Jones

"change" on any of the ironic levels feels good..

:) mid-bite!


Haha, wank's christmas card is ridiculous. Its framed really bad!

Im looking forward to the first roll of misfocus's when i finally pick myself up a leica ;)

loving the photos, the bear is great.

Tom (Achillies875 @ dA)

totally called the link to rockwell waaay before I clicked on it.
made me feel happy inside.

hope you're doing well too

Sam Oksner

Hey chris, have you noticed the artifacts that have been reported with some of the 5Dm2? Although I won't be buying one of these for a while, I'm curious to know what the hype is all about

Darren Abate

Great photos, mate. I have to say that the airport shot of the three on the bench is my fave from this post.

The Zeiss 85 and 50 ZE lenses were two of my best buys ever. I decided that they are replacing my 24-70/2.8 L, a lens that I've always hated. I've never mixed words about how much I despise that lens, and I can't wait to sell it. In fact, I already did.

The second best buy was the precision focusing screen. Jeez, you really need it.

When the 21 Distagon and 35/2 come out, and after I get the FF 5DM2, you can bet that the distorting, fuzzy-cornered, bastard 17-40 is going away as well. I'm sick of zooms. I'd rather have four prime-armed bodies hanging off my neck than put up with any more sub-par, backfocusing zooms.

I'm going back to the old ways, only I'm mixing them with the new. I'm also changing out my clients and getting new ones. Post on that coming soon.

I am vibrating in anticipation of getting a couple 5DM2's and clicking my Zeiss glass onto them. I can't wait.


who slaps an option+g on a christmas card? what the fuck?

that last frame is money.. the dog makes it. fashion is the illusion of lifestyle. the dog makes it.


Finally, some photos :)
I liked the bear suit one :)
Was thinking about the Voigt 28 2.0 and if i should go ahead and get it already... but i stopped a second to think... isn't it too close to the 35mm focal length to merit a purchase? Or is that just me?

Cheers from Toasty Manila :)

Matt Jan

Hey Chris,
Weird place to be asking this but...
My g/f is currently in LA, all the way from Western Australia, so I was wondering if there's any (or your favourite) places/things/areas to go/see/do while she's there, or is that like opening a big bad can of worms?. Thought I'd get the inside word.
Cheers and thanks muchly.


I need an FM2, with or without drive. My FM is broken and I miss shooting with it. If it was fixed I'd use it more than my Bessa.

Stewart Bywater

Hi Chris,

Great post! It's really nice to finally see some more shots from you. (Although I haven't posted anything in a similar timeframe... I hope that's going to change soon... Probably not before Christmas though, as we've got some seriously heavy deadlines in the next few weeks.

I love all the shots here, and the variety... that's one of the best things about your photography – you're so versatile.

A lot of our contributors have been raving about their new 5D Mk IIs, and it seems that you're right. One of them sent me a low light shot at ISO 3200, with some neon lights in the background, etc. and there was no noise at all. Amazing. Big files too!! I hope that I can afford one soon!!

I also wish they'd bring out that Zeiss lens for Canon, although I heard that they're working on a couple of lenses that will be compatible.

Well, got to go.. I'm on a train on my way back from Holy Island.

Best wishes,


Christian Rollinson

wonderful stuff as ever, love the impressive plume and jewel shots (gotta love that blury shit) and as ever, the wank links were worth a click :D

Sara Jaye

Great great blog CW. I enjoy reading and seeing it. Thanks.


we, the newspaper guys, may not be a dying breed, but we are in trouble for sure. lots of papers kicking out lots of staff atm. in scales of 1/4 to 1/3. and the worst is still to come I think.

anyway, some nice shots. the 28/2.0 looks like some nice glass. I'd love to have a lens a tad wider than my fifty.

Arthur Mola

that's a sick song. travis barker's remix is even sicker.

love the photos! the change one is very ironic! and those tshirts are hilarious!

so jealous of the 5dm2 - i'm excited to see some photos/video with it!

i need to update my bodies!

nice to see some photos again finally!!! i've missed them!

Josh Ripple

great to see pics from you again chris... lovin the vegas shots. reminds me of my trip a few months back. the shot of jewel really stands out... thumbs up


I LOVE wanks Christmas photos. Probably shot on a tripod at high noon @ f/22.

Any you're right about all the gear wanks and the D3X complaining about the price being too high. It's too high because they spend all their time on forums instead of shooting. Pros I know are dying to get their hands on this and the price is a bargain compared to an H3D.


love that shot of the people at the airport! good to see new stuff from you.

i think it will be a sad day when printed media is obsolete. of course, do i subscribe to a newspaper? no. i can't afford that shit when i can just read it for free online. ;) but there's something so pretty about a newspaper. i do see a lot of people reading newspapers all over the city, but, like you pointed out, they're probably all over 60.


I had missed your film entries :) Such a pleasure to look at these shots! Loved the guy in the bear suit!

Hope you’re doing great!
As I can see I’m a little behind in the journal reading.

Take care!

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