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18 December 2008


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Christian Rollinson

the freedom shot was a smart idea, took me a moment to get it :D

Lorenzo Levrini

Yay, looks like he won!


Done! :)

Daniel Gomes

I see now how hard it is to judge photos.
I think Ben did it! He did it right?! :D

Not sure if I like all of his choices - I think there was some good competition...
Just from coming back here and reading your blog again I feel so much like going out and shooting, damn you're contagious.

Sam Kinch

Chris, so, after being off the internet for months i finally staggered back to Uber only to find it gone! truly a damn shame.
anyhoo, i managed to find this blog via DevArt (geez i never thought i'd end up going back there) and i'm glad i have.

I must agree of all the nominees this Ben fella seems to be the best, my only quarrel is that I hate Sony Ericsson, so i'm loathe to vote for anyone.

I have a question, I seem to remember in your Uber blog you gave an opinion/review on your favourite 35mm compact camera. A yashica, or something similar, could you let me know? i'm wanting to grab a new P&S soon and looking for guidance.

Cheers mate, glad to see you're blogging somewhere, and still slagging wankers where deserved...
Keep it up.

ben roberts

thanks for the props chris. i won the competition thanks to support from various places.

its leading to bits and bobs of pr work and a new blogging venture which should be fairly interesting. i'll let you know if anything truly memorable comes of it...

thanks again...


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